Tuesday, 31 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 49

Danielle POV 💜.

Immediately we got home I gave him a slap.
He looked at him me with a straight face.

"That's for lying to my face" I yelled out tears.

"Am sorry Elle I didn't do it because I wanted to I just needed to buy time in order to get you out "he defended.

" You told me you never loved me , I want you to repeat it again do you actually love me" I cried.

He smiled and moved closer to me while I move back, but he caged me in-between his arms.

"Am sorry babe if I hurt you with my words , you can hit me if you want that doesn't stop me from loving you swears" she said in a serious tone.

I burst into more tears as I encircled my arms around his waist.

"It's okay please don't cry you will only make me feel bad " I whisper audibly  .

How could Diane do this to me ? 
She was the only one I have yet betrayed me because of love.

"Why why ? Why do they end up betraying me huh? " I mumbled as I became weary from crying too much.

I almost lost my balance but Dylan caught me and carried me in  bridal style.

"Save your strength sweetie" she mumbled and carried to the elevator which took us  upstairs.
All this time I buried my face in his chest as everything replayed in my head.

He took me straight to the bathroom and mixed a bath for me before placing me in the jacuzzi tub.

I was too weak to protest as he bath me like a child . After bathing me he wrapped a towel around my body before helping me out of the bathroom.

He further picked out a night dress for me and help me into it.
Gosh he's treating me like a baby yet I didn't object.

" Be right back babe let me get you something to eat" he muttered and walked out.

He's such a gentleman but I still have to act angry so he can know my importance.

I laid down on my bed reminiscing about everything right from childhood.

I know have wronged Diane severally but I didn't expect her to go this far .
Things shouldn't be this way .

She's my flesh and blood and I love her so much.
That's the only reason why am not gonna turn her in.

Dee returned shortly after with a tray of food and hot drink .
He placed them beside me as he sat down without saying anything and started feeding me.

"Should we report the case?" He suddenly voice out.

"No , I refused to fill a FIR " I said sternly.

"But why ? She almost sold you to the Arabian whose on his way to pick you up " he furrowed his eyebrows.

" I just said no let it be , " I shouted at him   before I could control myself. 

He looked at me in a disappointed way before going back to the food , he fed me everything .

I went far maybe I should apologize.

He took the tray and wanted to walk away but I held his hand making him stop.

"Am sorry Dee I didn't mean to shout at you like that " I mumbled.

" It's okay Elle just forget about it"  he said and walked out.

Why do I feel like he's still mad at me ? 

But I said am sorry 😢.

I went to bed without seeing Dylan he didn't come back to the room.



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