Wednesday, 25 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 38

Diane POV

So they think Diane is their friend hmm.
If Elle think she can steal Dylan from me then she should think again.

I won't back down no matter what happens I must put my plan in action .

If course I had to acted like I was in good terms with them so I can be able to strategize properly .

I sent a distress call in order to bring them down here.
Too bad I ruined their official first date.

Poor Elle she must be unconscious right now.

"Bring them to me " I said to my boys .

In no time their unconscious body was dropped before me.

" Take her to the abandoned factory and take him to my room and of course make sure he's unclad" i said with a scoff.

The nodded and took them away .

This is just the beginning Elle I'm gonna make you suffer.

Have allowed you enjoy your life Abit now it's time to make it miserable. 

I sipped from my wine before walking upstairs to my room .

Dylan was already on my bed naked , the drugs that was injected into their system will make em sleep for 72hours  straight.

I took a good look at his good features.
Dammn so this is what Danielle had been enjoying alone

Too bad he's my property now.

I took off my clothes and sat on top of him, I kissed his lips and giggled.

"Too bad you can't hear me or see what am about to do but I know for sure you gonna feel the pleasure running through your body. Do not worry am gonna handle you more than Elle" I whisper into his ear like he could hear me.

I planted kisses all over his body and suck on his n*pples .

I went to his beast but it needed to be awakened.

I took it in my mouth deep throat sucking while I fingered myself .

Yeah it's feel so good .

Soon his beast sprang to life .
Woow it's so big . So this is what Elle have been eating literally every day.

Am so happy am gonna be the one enjoying it now.

I sat on his beast comfortably and took it all in me .

Oh my goodness it's Damm good.

I closed my eyes enjoying the sweetness of his d**k as I rode him to hell .

I fondle with my b**B's as I let the pleasure and urge take over my body.

I removed it from my V and inserted it into my shit hole OMG that feel so good.

I f***ked him till I so exhausted and laid beside him putting my arm around his body.




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