Wednesday, 25 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 37

Dylan POV

I was somehow nervous she was going to reject me but she supprisingly jumped on my body kissing me all over.

"Yes of course silly I will be your girlfriend" she squeak.

" Thanks dear now for the second suprise " I smirk

" Ahh !!! What what tell me already" she giggled like a child.

"close your eyes Elle" I whisper in to her ear .

"Okay fine" she whinned and closed her I made it sure it was closed tightly before taking her out to the pool side.

I took her to the table and asked her to open her eyes.

",Walla !! Open your eyes dear"  I said as she opened her eyes.

I could tell she's very excited.

"Aww baby you so sweet " she pecked my cheek as I pulled out a chair for her and sat down on mine.

"Hmm yummy " she said with a mouthful.

"You enjoying it yeah ?" I asked ask as I took a mouthful too.

"Yeah thank you so much dee am so happy right now" she said as her phone buzzing sound stopped her.

Her mood changed as she glanced at the screen she picked it up immediately.

📞Hey sis what's up?" She asked .
📞H.. elp Elle help!! They will kill me" I heard her scared voice from the other side.

📞Calm down Diane and talk to me who wants to kill you" Elle asked with a worried expression.

📞 He.... Ahhhh " the line went dead immediately.
  Danielle was  panicking.

"Calm down Elle we will find her "  I assured her and hugged her to myself as she cried.

" My sister is in trouble I have to find her before anything happens to her I won't forgive myself" she cried and and move away from me.

" Wait Elle I will come with you it might be dangerous out there" I said and walked towards her.

" Please dee you have help me save my sister she's the only one I have" she cried like a child.

" Okay let's go to her mansion and check before going to the police station " I said she nodded as we rushed to the car.

I took the wheel and drove straight to her Mansion.

Her mansion was calm with  no sign of anything going on.

We walked in with me at the front while Elle was behind.
Someone turned on the security light on our eyes we couldn't see anything as something landed hard on my head.

The only I could hear was distance shouting from Elle.

I was bleeding profusely and blacked out.



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