Tuesday, 24 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 36

Danielle POV.

I bought so many things as I decorated her room to taste with rose petals all over the bed.

I took my time to decorate it very well but I need to taste her first , I bought a fake hair , bra g string and tissue .

I scattered them all in the living room , I wanna know how she's gonna react before coming upstairs to meet the suprise.

After decorating the room to my satisfaction I went to the pool side and arrange two chairs and a table.

We gonna have dinner here .
I took out time and decorated it beautifully like it was for an engagement party.

When I was done with that I went to the kitchen and set up to cooking something delicious.

Everything has to be perfect ,.

I made grilled chicken and dumplings with brown rice and churros . I know she's gonna love it.

I quickly set the table because I know she's gonna be home soon
Almost immediately I heard her car sound I quickly went upstairs to her room and hid in the toilet waiting for her to come upstairs.

Danielle POV.

After the long boring meeting with some Dubai investors I came back to the office only to meet Dylan's office empty .

I called Sasha and asked where he went but she told me he left in a hurry with a lady.

I felt jealous immediately. There's nothing to do at the office so I drove straight home .

I got home shortly and Parked my car and got out , strangely the front door was open.

Maybe Dylan must be home, I walked to the living room only to meet the shock of my life .

A female undies gosh s tears almost excaped my eyes .

How could he bring a lady to my house ,. Even of he doesn't love me he should respect the fact that I won't be happy with this.

I took the stairs to my room and pushed the door open .

I gasps as I saw the whole place 

He came outta the bathroom with a smile.

Is this a dream or what??

"Love is gambling, not with money but with your heart. You can always get money back, but you might not get your heart back.

"You know that feeling when your head says no but your heart says yes? It’s wrong but it feels so right? I wish we could be together.

" Will you be my girlfriend Elle ??" He asked calmly.

"OMG OMG " I gasps




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