Sunday, 22 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 32

Danielle POV

I don't know what came over me but I found myself pouring out my feelings.

If I keep it locked in am gonna regret it for the rest of my life.

I wish he could get over his girlfriend and love me too . I'm willing to wait if that's gonna determine how strong my love is for his.

He pulled from me hug and looked at me with a smiley face , my cheeks were flushed.

"How about a little swim "  he smirked.

"You bet am gonna beat you to it" I stuck out my tongue at him and diver deep into the water.

We swam around the place , gosh it was so nice .

"I wish we could do this every day "  I said as I tried to catch my breath.

" Oh really ?? What about work ma'am" he scoffs.

" Silly I was just joking" I pinched his nose .

He chuckled deeply as he tickled me , making laugh out loud . I fell into the water but he didn't stop as he kept doing it.

"Dee pl please stop " i said amist laughter as tears gathered up in my eyes.

" Beg me to stop" he giggled.

" Am ... S sorry Dee " I said laughing hysterically.

He stopped immediately and ran out of the water I chased after him.

" Catch me if you can " he shouted 
And ran ahead of me.

We ran like kids around the falls till we got tired and fell to ground tiredly.

"Man am hungry 🤦" I said breathlessly.

"Come babe let's go home it's getting late already am also hungry" he said too as he stood up and stretch out his hand at me I took it as he pulled me up.

We walked back to the car but he didn't let me take the wheel.
He ended up driving us home.

Today is one of the best days of my life , I wish every day could be like this.




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