Friday, 20 March 2020


💕Billionaire sisters💕

😘{ billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 27

Dylan POV

God I might go crazy one day because of my boss , she is a Coco killer and a temptress.

Even at the office I can't seem to focus on Anything , she has occupied my thoughts lately am afraid if I don't stop shitty things with her am gonna mess up.

"Excuse me sire you are needed in the conference room and you are asked to provide your presentation to the board of directors" the flirty secretary said in a sexy tone.

Gosh she's disgusting , I need to put her in her place soon.
I stood up and looked at her seductively and walked closer to her.

I know she's expecting something from me, I got close to her and held her head before bringing my face closer like I would kiss her 

, but instead I whispered something into her ear which changed her mood immediately. 

"You disgust me b*tch I will never f**k someone like you " I said and moved back from her.

She had the deadly look as she glared hard at me, I walked pass her brushing my shoulder with her and picked up my presentation before heading to the conference room.

I took a deep breath before sliding the glass door , I walked in quietly as all other fixed their gaze at me immediately I stepped in. 

Danielle stopped her lectures and turned to my direction and smiled warmly before seating down.

I walked towards the seat opposite her and sat down keeping all my files on the glass desk .

"Good afternoon everyone sorry am a bit late " I said apologetically.

"So Mr Williams we are yet to review your presentation so kindly get on with it we don't have the whole time to our selves" the chairman of the board said coldly.

I took a deep breath and stood up and opened my files .I might also make use of the projector 

"As we all know ladies and gentlemen the quantity and vase demand of a goods gives a more accredited value thats where  inflation  comes in .

"I strongly suggest we step up our game and add more effort to the manufacturing of dove , technically every one in the city and worldwide make use of dove , the major ingredients shouldn't be changed or computated .

" Elle Corp is stronger than ever and we are ready to give you best body essentials than ever , Elle Corp has the largest range of investors and distributors too .  And access the lease and lessor account for our distribution ,we offer the best and hope you all work with us thank you all " I said breathlessly.

Everyone stood up including Elle as they applaud me feeling satisfied.

Finally we got the deal as we shook hands with them 

Am glad she got the deal.



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