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(Die Out Of Pain)

"Jack, will you stop following me?" There was nothing Emily could do about Jack.

Jack had been following Emily since she got discharged from the hospital. When she went to the airport, he was there too. Was he planning on staying with her all the time?

"No," Jack refused without any hesitation.

Since neither Jacob nor Mr. Gu was there to keep him on a leash, it was no wonder that Jack was wreaking havoc wherever he wanted.

Frustrated, Emily had lost all her patience with Jack. She turned around and walked away, dragging her luggage behind her.

Jack ran behind her, but within a split second, his facial expression change abruptly," Emily, watch out for that car!"

Startled by Jack's screaming, Emily turned around to see what it was. By the time she saw the car, it was already too late!

Right at that moment, when Emily thought it was all over, someone or something rushed in from behind and pushed her away with a lot of force.

Emily heard a loud "bang" behind her as she fell to the ground. Without a conscious thought, she turned her head, only to find Jack's body lying motionless on the floor in the distance.

"Jack!" Emily screamed out his name and rushed over in a panic.

Surrounded with broken glass, Jack's unconscious body lay upright on the ground, as the blood trickled down from his head.

"Jack, Jack!

Are you okay? Please wake up, Jack!"

Stunned out of her wits, Emily made sure not to move his body without help in order to prevent further damage.

Emily reached for her cellphone and dialled emergency services. Caught up in the frenzy of the moment, Emily completely forgot about the driver of the car.

There was still no response from Jack. Looking at the pool of blood and Jack's lifeless face, Emily wishfully reached out her hand to press his *Ren Zhong acupuncture point, out of desperation.

(*TN: Ren Zhong acupuncture point is one of numerous acupuncture points in human body according to Chinese Traditional Medicine. It is located directly above the upper lip and below the nose. Pressing here could help people recover themselves from shock.)

There's no breathing, movement or any kind of response to touch.

Paralyzed with fear, Emily's body shivered and shrivelled up like she was being electrocuted. Her face began to turn as pale as the moon.

How could that be? Perha

t up and do as the doctors say! Do you hear me?"

"I'm really fine!"

"It doesn't matter. Just do as the doctors say!"

Jack seemed reluctant at first, but soon agreed," Since you're insisting so much, I will do as you say, but you have to promise me one thing..."

Emily burst into laughter immediately," Do the operation first!"

Jack immediately showed his roguish nature," If you don't promise me, I will not go through the operation!"

"......" Emily stared at him for a few seconds and surrendered," What is it?"

"Can we, make peace?" Jack said with little discretion, and then changed his words immediately when he noticed the change in Emily's facial expression," No. Let's be together again."

"Did you... lie to me on purpose again?"

Emily suddenly remembered how Jack faked his death to win her sympathy earlier, so she assumed that he was trying to trap her again.

Perhaps Jack was taking this opportunity to blackmail her into getting back with him again.

Jack's expression suddenly darkened," If you think so, then so be it."

The doctor urged," Miss, it is not the time to say this right now. You may as well promise him. Every young couples quarrel, but lovers' quarrels are soon mended..."

The nurse standing behind the doctor also nodded," yeah, yeah... "

"I don't think he looks like he's been seriously injured... Are you sure it's not one of his lies again?" Although skeptical, Emily said in a serious tone," Jack, this decision is yours to make, not mine. You should be responsible for yourself. You know that..."





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