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(Are You Trying To Push Me Away)

Lying in bed, Emily recalled the conversation she had with Jack. He answered her questions without any hitch, but she still couldn't shake the feeling like something was wrong.

However, she decided not to ask anything else, fearing that Jack would get suspicious.

In fact, from another perspective, she was glad that that person was not Jacob, as it would mean that he did not get injured because of her. How nice!

But why was there still a faint sense of loss in her heart?

Was she losing her mind? Did she really want the person to be Jacob?

Emily was terrified by the idea that just flashed through her mind.

She thought about the days she spent buried underneath the ruins. The gritty details of her traumatic experience, brought shivers down her spine.

Meanwhile, she had to confess that, for a moment, she did feel something about the man who had protected her. However, today when she found out that Jack was the one who saved her, she felt a slight hint of relief in her heart.

'Fortunately, it was not Jacob...' she thought.

Early next morning, Jack brought breakfast to Emily's room after she woke up and prepared to feed her by himself.

"Your hand is still hurt," Emily refused. But her attitude towards Jack was indeed much better than before.

Jack noticed that. He put aside the unpleasant emotions in his heart and smiled," That's all right. But if you're worried about me, how about you feed me instead?"

Emily pretended not to hear him, and carried on eating her food.

In an instant, Jack's attitude changed," Emily, you heartless woman! Do you want me to starve to death? How could you?"

Reluctantly, Emily stuffed his face with steamed dumplings.

Jack ate up everything within seconds and demanded," More."

"Your right hand is hurt, but what about your left hand?"

Jack replied, cheekily," Also hurt."

"Then starve to death."

"Wowl! You are truly heartless!"

Jack whined for a while, but he soon gave up and starting eating by himself, when he noticed the indifference in Emily's face.

It had been a long time since last time when the two of them sat down and enjoyed a calm and sensible conversation.

Emily turned slightly and cast a short glance at Jack's face. Suddenly, the old memories from when they wer

What he just said was only his way of coping with his anger.

He was smart enough to know that, killing the woman Jacob had risked his life to save would only create more problems, especially after Jacob would gain his consciousness.He was aware of the fact that now that Jacob cared a great deal about that woman, and he could use that knowledge to his advantage.

Afraid of offending Mr. Gu, Sam only bowed his head repeatedly in agreement.

After a while, the doctor finally came out and reported to Mr. Gu," Mr. Gu, Mr. Jacob is no longer in critical condition, and we will transfer him to the general ward when it's time. We can expect him to wake up within forty-eight hours."

Sam breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the doctor, while Mr. Gu kept a straight face and glanced inside," Inform me when he wakes up."

"Yes, sir."

Escorted by a group of bodyguards, Mr. Gu walked away, stretching his new crutch, without looking back.

Back at the hospital where Emily was, Jack seemed unaffected by Emily's rejection as he visited her ward everyday, in hopes of taking care of her.

Although Emily grew tired of him, but her attitude towards him was not as harsh as before, since she thought that he had risked his life for her. On top of that, Jack's behavior seemed to have made a drastic improvement as well.

When Emily was discharged from the hospital, she thought that she could finally have some peace. Little did she know that Jack was also discharged from the hospital on the same day as her.



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