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Spoiled Girl

Episode 52

(Lie After Lie)

Emily raised her head to follow the voice, but as soon as she saw who was standing by the door, her facial expression hardened.

It was Jack.

Although his head was wrapped with white bandages, his radiant face remained unaffected. He grinned slyly, causing the nurse standing in the corner to blush timidly.

"Emily, are you looking for me?"

With a flicker of disappointment in her eyes, Emily replied,"No."

"No? Is that all you want to say to the person who saved your life?"

The lack of enthusiasm on Emily's face dimmed Jack's mood. He waved at the nurse to leave them alone. Soon, it was just the two of them in that big ward.

"What do you mean?" Emily was alarmed by what Jack had just said. What was he trying to say?

"You have been in a coma for the past two days. Don't you remember how well you treated me when we were both buried under the ruins?"

Jack said, as he glared into Emily's face with dark, resentful eyes, angered by the change in her facial expression.

Nonplussed, Emily stared at Jack in disbelief, and said,"You mean you were the one buried with me under the ruins?" 'That can't be true!' she thought. "I...I was with..."

'I was with Jacob, ' she knew it in her heart.

"Yes, you were with me. Don't you remember being with me all those days? Who else did you think I was?" Jack's gaze captivated Emily. Recalling the scenes of the day Emily got rescued, he wanted to burst out raging, but somehow he managed to keep himself calm.

What did he see on that day?

He saw Jacob and Emily buried close to each other under the rubble. When the two were rescued, they were found in each other's arms, unconscious. From a bystander's point of view, it seemed like they were a loving couple who could not bear to be apart, even under such dire circumstances.

Jack suddenly understood everything after seeing them like that.

Shocked at what he had witnessed, he was churned by the anger deeply within him and was hungry for destruction. Overwhelmed by confusion, he struggled to bare the pressure of the raging sea of hatred in his heart.

He laughed at himself for having been played like a fiddle, since the very beginning. But who would have thought that a man like Jacob would have anything to do with Emily?

Never in a hundred years could Jack have expected Emily to have an affair with Jacob!

Jacob was the main architect behind everything all along. Jacob wanted to transfer Jack to a different city; he sided with Victor and invested in the LA Jewelry Company.

nce to come see you."

"Jacob is abroad?"

"Yes. What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Emily realized that she was giving away too much with her expression, so she quickly cover it up. The suspicion in her mind gradually disappeared, 'Jack, why...

Why did you save me? If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have gotten injured, let alone suffering under those ruins for days..."

As a victim of the earthquake, she obviously understood the despair and pain in such a desperate situation, although, she'd rather not recall the memory of her traumatic experience.

"My silly girl," Jack felt relieved secretly. Emily was so gullible that she believed Jack's words. "I am willing to do anything for you."

His words made Emily choke up in tears. It took a while before she finally was able to speak up,"Jack, thank you, I..."

Jack took Emily's tender hand gently and said,"You know, an apology is not what I want."

"I'm sorry, I……"

Jack's grip on Emily's hand tightened. Having almost run out of patience, he wanted to ask her directly whether she had rejected him again and again in the past because of Jacob!

Emily, however, failed to notice his gloomy face, as Jack's grip was starting to hurt her arm. She cried out in pain,"You're hurting me..."

Jack instantly collected his thoughts, let go off her hand and forced himself to be more tender,"Sorry, please take as much time as you need, and I will wait for your answer, okay?"

Emily remained silent.

Jack did not force Emily to give him an answer at once. When he stepped out of the ward, his face suddenly turned dark, as the hatred in his eyes reappeared, like there was a bigger storm brewing on the horizon.





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