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Spoiled Girl

Eoisode 51

(If We Die, We Die Together)

As soon as Jacob finished his words, he moved close to kiss Emily in the dark, and accurately landed on her dry lips. Biting and nipping her lips, he slowly moistened them over and over again and then aggressively plunged into her mouth.

It was a feeling he had missed for a long time, and he wanted to savour each and every second of it.

Jacob realized then that he cared more about this innocent girl than he had thought. Thus, when the aftershock hit, he rushed to Emily to shield her with his body, without any concern for his personal safety.

Jacob was the kind of man to give his everything for a girl if he felt very strongly about her.


Emily whimpered, but then Jacob kissed her more deeply. Half awake and half asleep, in a dazed state of mind, she guessed that the man who was aggressively kissing her must be Jacob.

'Gosh! We were trapped here and all Jacob wants to do is kiss me?' So when Jacob finally broke off the kiss, Emily punched him in the chest.

Jacob grunted as if he was hurt by Emily's reaction.

"Are...are you all right?" Emily suddenly felt worried and guilty.

She assumed that Jacob must have gotten seriously hurt, or else, he would not have passed out for such a long time. Moreover, since Jacob was coughing blood intermittently, his internal organs must have also been injured.

'He got injured because he wanted to save me, ' Emily thought.

Jacob opened his mouth and said in a faint voice,"It hurts."

"Where?" Emily asked with bated breath.

"My chest is aching. Maybe you could rub it to make me feel better."

Jacob took Emily's hand as he spoke and placed it on his chest. Emily could feel his heart beating.

Emily did not know whether to cry or laugh. She pulled her hand away and said,"You are such a child."

Stuck in that situation for a while, Emily finally decided to break the ice,"When do you think they will come to save us?"

"It won't be long." Then Jacob changed his position; he leaned his chin against Emily's neck, scratching her delicate skin with his stubble.

Emily had neither strength nor will to care for Jacob's intimate behavior. With her mind weighed down, she asked,"What if we do not last out?"

"Don't be afraid. I am here with you."

"I mean...what if?"

"If... If we die, we die together." Jacob answered

Did you hear me?"

There was absolute silence in the air, and just when Jacob thought that Emily would not give her answer, she faintly uttered,"Okay."


Meanwhile, the rescue team had already come to dig them out a while ago, but it took them more time as they had to dig through small spaces carefully in order to avoid risking the lives of Jacob and Emily. After four days and three nights of rigorous work, they were finally able to dig out both victims successfully from the debris.

Emily opened her eyes to the ceiling of a hospital ward. She stared at the ceiling for some time, before the memories slowly found their way back into her head.

She remembered being in the arms of a man, as the concrete structures came crashing down around them, burying them under the pile of rubble; scared, thirsty and cold.

The memories of what followed after that was a bit blurry, but she remembered being embraced by the man, kissed by the man, and...being saved by the man's sacrifice, to preserve her own life.

'It must have been Jacob, ' she thought, with certainty.

'I wonder if he is okay?'

Emily started to get worried. She pushed aside the quilt trying to get off the bed, when suddenly a nurse came in and rushed to stop her.

"Miss Emily, you are still weak. Please stay in bed for your own good."

Emily bit her lip and explained,"I'm fine, I am looking for someone..."

However, before she could finish her sentence, a familiar voice interrupted her from the outside,"Who is this 'someone' you are looking for?"



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