Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Spoiled Girl

Episode 50

(Who Exactly Was He)

At that time, Jacob was looking through some documents and spinning his expensive pen between his fingers when he said to Sam, "Emily's father has a gambling problem, so inform all casinos in and around Haicheng City to keep him out."

Jacob did not want anyone else to distract Emily's attention from him, even if they were her parents.

Coincidentally, all his attention was then caught by the news of the earthquake that had popped up on his phone screen.

In Yunshi City... 'Isn't that where Emily is supposed to be for her business trip?'

Jacob's calm face suddenly changed, as panic started to grip his mind. Without wasting another second, he called Emily's phone, but every time he called, it went straight to her voice mail.

"Arrange an helicopter right now, I'm going to Yunshi City."

In all his years of working for Jacob, Sam had never seen his boss like that. Without further delay, he hastened to make preparations.

Soon, Jacob arrived at Yunshi City on a helicopter.

"Mr. Jacob, please do not worry. Miss Emily will be fine." Knowing what Jacob was afraid about, Sam tried to soothe his worries.

"I know. She will be fine. She must be." Jacob did not know whether he was trying to convince Sam or himself.

Jacob's expression was much more unflappable than before, indicating the restlessness in his mind.

Yunshi City was in total ruins and looked nothing like it did before.

As soon as Jacob got off the helicopter, he sent for people to find Emily in different places. Sam contacted the local authorities to distribute the relief supplies they had brought with them.

Jacob nearly searched every place in Yunshi City but still there was no sign of Emily anywhere. Flustered, it felt like a swarm of insects were eating up his heart from the inside.

'Emily, will be fine...'

Suddenly, Jacob's phone started ringing.

Jacob quickly picked it up without even looking, and the first thing he said was, "Did you find Emily?"

The person on the other side of the phone was Sam. Ashamed of disapp

quickly drew back her hand but hit the debris aside accidentally.

"Sir, are you awake? Thank you for saving my life..."

"Stupid." Jacob laughed weakly as he could almost imagine her frowning face, but his throat got hoarse due to lack of water, like the rust steel rubbing on abrasive paper.

Emily did not completely recognize his laughter, but ironically, Jacob was the first person that popped into her mind at that moment.

"Who are you?"

"Any guesses?" Jacob slightly lifted his weak body and tried his best not to press down on her. "Make a guess, and if you're right, there will be rewards and if you're wrong, there will be a penalty."

Emily heard his husky voice. It was as if each time he said a word, his throat was being cut open by a saw. Concerned, Emily pleaded, "You...You need to stop talking."

"You find my voice terrible?"

"No, I'm afraid that you'll feel more pain..."

"Why don't you say you care about me?"

Soon after, Jacob started coughing again which got Emily worried. She was afraid of the fact that he was losing blood very quickly.

"Fine, we should both stop talking, okay?"

Emily pleaded in a low voice.

"No, you did not guess yet." He seemed very adamant to hear her answer.

"Can I abstain?"

"Yeah, you can." Jacob slowly turned her round and said gently, "Abstention also gets a penalty."





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