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Spoiled Girl

Episode 49

(Natural Disaster)

"How can you be so stubborn? Emily really cares about you. She's just too proud; or else she would not have asked me to call you inside. She's afraid that you'll get sick in the rain..."

Said Debby, when suddenly Jack sneezed loudly, "Ahchoo!"

Debby sympathized, as if she were speaking to her own son, "See? You've already caught a cold. Go and take a hot bath, and I'll boil some ginger soup for you to dispel the cold."

Jack nodded politely and said, "Thank you, Mrs. Bai. But I would like to see Emily first..."

"You kids! I can feel that you really love Emily..."

Emily happened to see this when she walked out of her room.

Jack stood inside her house, pale-faced. He was soaking wet; his wet hair stuck to his head in an unkept manner and the water dripped from his clothes to the floor. Jack looked like he had just been fished out of the water.

While Emily's father and mother stood side by side and welcomed him in warmly.

"Mom, why did you bring him in?"

Debby winked at her and said, "Emily, it was you who asked me to bring Jacky in, right?

Emily sneered, "Ha, you're already calling him 'Jacky' now?"

Emily never thought that her own mother could be so double-faced. Out of sympathy, she asked her mother to bring Jack an umbrella, but to her surprise, she went so far as to bring him in.

"Emily......" Jack looked at Emily with his deep, charcoal black eyes. His eyes were shining.

For some reason, he reminded Emily of the abandoned dogs she used to see near the dustbin when she was a child. Jack looked at her with the same puppy dog eyes, as if begging her to hold and caress him.


Emily hurriedly interrupted her thoughts and returned to her room. "Bam", she shut the door behind her.

Jack's eyes were filled with disappointment, to which Debby hurriedly said, "This child is still at odds with you. Anyway, don't just stand there. You are wet all over. Go and get a hot bath."

Indeed, It was uncomfortable to have wet clothes on. Hearing this, Jack dragged his soaking body to the bathroom.

Besides, since he was already in Emily's home, he set aside his worries and decided to take it easy.

While Jack w

ad collapsed to ruins. Seeing the devastation around them, the people that had narrowly escaped were still shaken up.

When the boy's mother found them, she couldn't restrain herself from crying, relieved by the fact that her son was safe and sound.

Emily and her colleagues quickly began to console the mother and the son, even though they were still in shock themselves. The mother stopped crying and holding her child firmly while repeating her gratitude.

"Emily, you are really brave!" Sue, her colleague, raised her thumb to Emily in appreciation.

Sue thought to herself, 'If it were up to me, I would have never been able to move at such speed with such courage and boldness to save others.'

However, Emily was a little distracted. She smiled and said, "That's nothing."

At that critical moment, she didn't have much time to think. She acted out of instinct hoping that the boy wouldn't get hurt. In retrospect, she didn't even know where the explosive force had come from at that moment.

The damage caused by earthquake in Yunshi City was colossal. The traffic had paralyzed half the city. After a brief discussion amongst themselves, Emily and her two colleagues decided to stay and do their part in the rescue.

What she didn't know was that when the news of earthquake came to Jingshi City, Jacob was in his office, as his usual emotionless facial expression changed suddenly and he even snapped his pen without knowing it.



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