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Spoiled Girl

Episode 48

(Her Softened Heart)


Emily calmly said, "You don't have to make these romantic gestures anymore. Whatever your purpose is, it's of no use to me."

"Why won't you believe me?"

Jack persisted. With eyes as deep as the sea, he gazed into her eyes. "Is this about Rose?

I've already separated from her."

"Separated? If I say I hate her, and I want you to make her experience every bit of misery I've ever experienced, will you do that for me?"

"Emily, how could you be so cruel?"

Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Answer my question."

Jack remembered the state Rose was in when she left reluctantly, and his heart softened with pity. "Emily, Rose only did those things to you to make me happy. It wasn't personal. She is innocent. If you want to dish out your anger, you can come to me, okay?


Emily sneered, unable to tell whether she was more disappointed or more bitter. "You're protecting her?

Everything that had happened to me was your doing?

So it was you who ordered those ruffians to rape me?"

Her accusations made Jack frown in an instant. He lowered his voice and asked, "Do you think I was behind that? If that's true then why did I save you?"

"Who knows."

At that moment, the romantic atmosphere that was purposefully created by Jack had been completely destroyed by their dispute, and it was spiralling downwards from there.

Jack tried his best to restrain his anger. "Emily, if you don't want to be with me, you can just say so. You don't have to make excuses."

"Do you think I need an excuse to not be with you?"

Emily dropped a bomb on him, shoved his hands away, and turned around to the roadside to hail a taxi.

Jack watched with his eyes wide open, as she got in the taxi, and then he started his own car to follow her.

The fireworks exploded in the sky, with vivacious colours, one after another, but unfortunately, the protagonists had already left.

Emily returned home without warning. When she got in, she saw her father and mother sitting together, trying to sort things out. When they heard her voice, they move around quickly as if to hide something from her.

"What are you doing?

Why are both acting so strange?"

Emily looked at them doubtfully, when su


Emily's father was even more angrier, "Insolent girl!

Hurry up and call him in! What good is it for you to offend Jack and his family?

You're really starting to piss me off!"

"Andrew, calm down. I'll talk to Emily..."

Emily tried her best to ignore their words, but suddenly a loud thunder crackled outside the window, "Boom..."

Frightened, she jumped out of bed, and opened the window to look down, when her eyes met with Jack's.

An inexplicable sense of pity came over and overwhelmed her.

Ever since they were together, this man had always managed to somehow melt her heart. It was the same as when Jacob was at her house the last time.

Emily kept telling herself that she was not soft-hearted. She stressed that fact in her heart. However, if Jack fell sick, it would be far worse as he'd certainly take the chance to put the blame on her.

'Yes, that's it!'

She seemed to have come up with an ingenious idea, as she grabbed the umbrella from under the table, opened the door and handed it to her mother.

"Mom, give him this and tell him to go. Otherwise the neighbors will gossip later."

Debby was still trying to persuade her, when Emily suddenly opened the door and handed the umbrella to her. "Oh, good."

Emily shut the door behind her and sat down against the door with a dispirited expression on her face.

However, just a few minutes later, Debby used Emily as an excuse to invite Jack in, who was soaking wet from standing outside in the rain.




  1. Emily don't be wicked to jack please

    1. Wow is she wicked
      He deserves
      More d ruined her life are reputation,it was all him
      He wanted to rape her
      He talked to her like trash
      He deserves more

  2. Jack deserves more cruelty than that wicked man pheew emily continue jare am at ur back

  3. Jack deserves more...he ruined her life and he is only a jealous freak...he only came back because he doesnt want anyone to have emily



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