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The Spoiled Girl

Episode 47

(What The Plot Was)

Emily was not sure whether Jacob was angry or not, so she quickly ended the topic,"Well...

It's getting late, good night."

"Good night."

Jacob's voice sounded deep and captivating. After a while, he added,"You can call me whenever you want, even if you're feeling down."

Emily paused, and then hung up without saying anything else.

The next day, at noon, Emily returned to her home again.

Her father's attitude had suddenly made a complete U-turn. He was surprisingly nice to her this time,"Emily...well, I had too much to drink yesterday. Don't take what I said to heart. Is your face still hurting?"

Emily was nonplussed. She replied,"It's all right...

Are you hiding something from me again?"

Mr. Bai coughed uncomfortably. "What are you trying say?"

Emily was suspicious of his change in attitude. It was too fast and abrupt. She spontaneously assumed he was keeping something from her.

Debby also added,"Emily, I had a talk with your father yesterday. He was just confused and highly intoxicated. He knows he was wrong. Can you forgive him?"

Emily decided to let it go since her dad had offered to be nice. More than anything else, she just wanted her family to be harmonious and happy.

They had lunch together and spent the next few hours catching up. The three of them avoided talking about what had happened yesterday.

Later at night, Emily found out about their true intentions when she went out for a walk with Debby and saw Jack.

Debby smiled as soon as she saw Jack. "I'll give you two a moment to have a chat."

"Mom, I don't want to talk to him."

Emily turned around to follow her mother, but Jack caught her hand on from behind.

"Emily, listen to me. It's normal for a couple to have a quarrel with each other from time to time, but sometimes you need to be a little considerate. A man as good as Jack is hard to come by..."

Emily took a deep breath and explained impatiently,"Mom, I'm not quarrelling with him. We have already broken up!"

Debby frowned and continued,"I'm certain that you two can work it out amongst yourselves. I can see that Jack loves you very much..."

"Mom, you don't understand..."

Agitated, Emily looked at Debby with dissatisfaction. She

fireworks. What festival is it today?"

"I guess it's a lover's confession. Look at the name in the middle of the fireworks."

"Yes, it's so romantic. She must be a very lucky person. I am so envious..."


Emily also looked up at the fireworks pensively, as memories from the past slowly creeped into her mind.

"Emily, do you remember?

When I first met you, Jingshi City was full of fireworks, like it is now."

Emily was stood there silently. Jack was not expecting her to answer, so he continued,"It was New Year's Day. You stayed in Jingshi City and did not go home. You were watching the fireworks from the square all by yourself. You looked like a ball, dressed in thick clothes, and you were holding a fairy stick in your hand."

"It was right then when I first noticed you. You were looking at the fireworks from the steps and I was looking at your from under the steps. The moment the clock hit 12, you accidentally fell off the steps and landed into my arms."

"Do you know what I was thinking about the second I held you?

I was thinking that an angel had fallen into my arms!

At the same time, my heart stopped."

"Stop talking."

Emily interrupted him abruptly. Her voice was no longer as calm as before,"I don't want to hear that."

The memory was beautiful, but also painfully cruel.

"Emily, why are you running away?"

Jack gently put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him. "You haven't really forgotten me, have you?"


  1. Am speechless
    I don't even know what to advice Emily to do again 🤷🤷🤷


  3. Yes she hasnt forgiven u so get that into ur dirty skull ok

  4. She hasnt forgorten that beautiful but now painful memories



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