Sunday, 9 February 2020


Spoiled Girl

Episode 46

(They Cheat Me)

"I was worried about Dad, so…"

"Didn't I tell you not to come back? Your father is in the hospital, but he is feeling much better now. The follow-up treatment will require some more money…" Unable to come up with a good excuse, Debby's voice had a trace of guilt and nervousness.

Emily looked deeply into her eyes, and asked, "Mom, why are you lying to me? Dad is not sick at all, is he?"

Debby was completely nonplussed. "What did you say?

Why would I lie to you?"

"Fine, I believe you. Let's go to the hospital to see Dad now, " replied Emily.

"Emily, don't be in such a hurry. You must be tired from travelling…"

Emily said nothing; she just looked at her mother quietly. After a long pause, she asked, "Where is Dad now? In the gambling house?"

Debby's face stiffened. Her lips moved, but she could not speak of anything.

Emily knew that she had guessed correctly. With mixed feelings, she asked, "Why would you lie to me about such a thing? Do you know how worried I was?"

"Emily..." Debby lowered her head in shame and took Emily's hands. "Let's go inside and I can explain..."

"No, I'll go and get my father back now."

"No! I beg you!" Debby hugged her daughter and pleaded, "He'll be back home soon..."

Disappointed, Emily sighed deeply, and finally entered the house with Debby.

"Emily, I was forced to lie to you. Your Dad gambled a lot of money and ended up with a large debt... Our relatives didn't want to lend us the money, so we had to make up an excuse."

"But, I am your daughter, and you can tell me anything. Why would you keep something like that from me?" Emily couldn't hide the disappointment in her voice any longer. She realized that they never trusted her.

"Emily, I..." At last, having run out of excuses, Debby murmured.

The both of them waited in silence until it was dark. Soon, Andrew staggered home, drunk.

Emily frowned at her father's blushing face and asked, "Dad, where have you been?"

Still inebriate

o hear that her father was not sick, but at the same time she was heartbroken at the fact that her parents did not trust her with the truth.

She was the only daughter in the family. Her mother was kind to her, but her father had always been hard on her ever since she was a child, perhaps due to patriarchal reasons.

They never seemed to treat her as family, Which made her unhappy.

"Because they didn't trust me, and they kept it from me and deceived me for my money. I really don't understand. I am their only daughter. If they had other children, I could understand their reasoning... Why is it like this?"

Jacob didn't utter a word, he just listened to her talk. He did not know that her parents were lying to her, that's why he didn't interfere in the matter before.

"You know what they say about karma: what goes around, comes around."

"But they are my parents." In a very depressed tone, Emily blurted out, "We are not the same, and you wouldn't understand."

An awkward silence surrounded them as she spoke. Regretfully, Emily realized that she had said something wrong.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"It's okay, " Jacob answered apathetically. He was the adopted son of Mr. Gu and he had already forgotten everything about his biological parents, so he wasn't bothered by what Emily had said.





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