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Spoiled Girl

Episode 45

Don't Contact Me

'If Emily really changes her mind about Jack and they somehow get back together, everything I had done before will have been for nothing, ' Rose thought, hatefully.

"Jack, you may have fond feelings for Emily, but she doesn't seem to feel the same way about you."

"That's why it's better for us not to see each other for a few days; it seems that Emily does not like your presence around me."

Jack felt that he had been considerate and thoughtful of Emily, but Emily had not reciprocated his favor. She even left him waiting outside her apartment all night yesterday.

Jack reached for the gift box he had prepared for Emily in his pocket and brought it out. After hesitating for a moment, he tossed the gift over to Rose.

"Here you go."

Rose opened the gift box with delight, but was then utterly disappointed to find a priceless crystal necklace inside it.

Jewelries made with crystals were best suited for people with fair skin color. Although Rose's skin was fair, she could not hold a candle to Emily's snow-white skin.

As a result, Rose never wore crystal jewelries. 'Damn, yesterday was Emily's birthday. This necklace must have been prepared for her.

Why should I accept the gift which is not intended for me in the first place?'

Although Rose felt irritated, she feigned a happy expression and said, "Thank you. I know you still care about me."

Rose's words made Jack frown, and he said, "Rose, we should stop meeting each other for a few days."

"Jack..." Rose's tears came rushing out like a downpour. She said to him, "I won't fight Emily for you. I simply love you and just want to be with you. The thought of being with you fills my heart with happiness... I really love you, even though I can't be Emily's friend anymore because of my relationship with you."

Jack had been in a bad mood recently for he had gotten the cold shoulder from both Emily and his uncle, Jacob. Now seeing the beautiful woman standing in front of him and confessing her love for him, he felt somewhat comforted, so he embraced Rose in his arms.

In truth, he was quite satisfied with Rose's appearance and figure. Although Rose didn't have the same fair skin as Emily's, she was

t next door and asked one of her neighbors where her parents were.

"Are you the daughter of Andrew's? Your parents always speak well of you, " the neighbor said to her. When referring to Emily's father, the neighbor's expression became a little complicated, "Your father must be in the gambling house. Gambling sank your father completely. You had better persuade him to get rid of his gambling habits."

"What?" Baffled, Emily couldn't believe the neighbor's words. "Why is my father in the gambling house? The last I heard, he was sick and hospitalized, right?"

"Sick?" The neighbor said wryly, "How could they lie to you with such a ridiculous excuse? If you don't believe me, you can go to the gambling house and have a look."

'Gambling house? How come?'

Emily thanked the neighbor and walked away, with a perplexed expression. Soon, as she turned around she saw her mother walking back to their house.


"Excuse me? Sorry, you must be mistaken, my daughter is in Jingshi City. I am not your mom." Debby had spent the entire night playing mahjong. She was too tired to have a good look at Emily before she pushed her away.

Emily raised her voice and said, "Mom, it's me. Emily!"

Upon hearing Emily's voice, her mother's mind snapped back to reality. When she looked up to see Emily's face, she suddenly changed her expression in horror, "Emily, what are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me in advance before you are coming over?"



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