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Spoiled Girl

Episode 44

(Don't You Want Me Anymore)

Emily took one short glance at the flowers and assumed they were from Jack. She looked completely uninterested, as she coldly replied, "Throw them away."

Emily's colleague seemed to have been taken aback by her response. She hesitated and asked, "Miss Bai, are you sure you don't want them?

After all, they are a symbol of one's love for you."

"If you want them, you can have them."

Immediately, her colleague stopped talking and walked out of the room with the flowers.

Just a few minutes after she walked out, Emily's cellphone rang. She answered it without a second thought, and heard the deep voice of a man on the other side of the call.

"Emily, how dare you! You let people throw away the flowers I'd sent you?"

The man's tone was very solemn, as if he were discussing matters of great importance with her, making Emily feel a little nervous. All of a sudden, Emily felt like she had done something far terrible than just throwing away a bunch of ordinary roses.


I didn't know they were from you..."

Emily wondered how the news had traveled so fast?

"Then who did you think it was from?

Jack?" Jacob's voice softened when he realized the reason behind her confusion. "Go and pick them up, and don't throw them away."

"All right..." Without a conscious thought, Emily obeyed his orders. She walked out of the office with her cellphone and saw the bouquet of roses at the foot of the stairs. Having the flowers thrown in the garbage bin did not do justice to its beauty.

Fortunately, the garbage bin was clean and empty. Emily found the roses to be just as gorgeous as they were before.

Emily picked up the flowers, habitually patted them twice and said, "I have picked them up."

"Good girl."

Emily, "......"

After all, she couldn't disobey her boss's orders. She found an empty vase and filled it with water, then she put the roses in one by one. After she put them aside, she sighed a breath of relief.

What exactly did Jacob mean?

Emily believed that the reason why Jacob pursued her was just the heat of the moment. Now she was not his so he wanted to get her. He might not want to commit to a serious relationship.

People like Jacob could get any women if he wanted. But he seldom called them his "girlfriends".

Emily hoped that Jacob would lose interest on her, sooner rather than later.


Meanwhile, Jack on the oth

Rose stared at him in shock, "Jack, don't you want me anymore?

Why? Did I do something wrong?"


"Then why?"

Jack started the car and slowly glanced at her. "I'm going to get Emily back. I want her to come back to me."

Surprised by what Jack was saying, Rose listened silently, with jealousy and resentment. She asked him, "But, Jack... don't you hate her anymore?

Emily, she's already been with other men..."

At this point, she realized that she had made a mistake, so she decided to stop talking. Flustered, she added, "Sorry, Jack..."

It was already too late. Jack had already heard what she had said. All of a sudden, it seemed like his body was burning up with anger from within.

"Of course, I hate her. But I can't tolerate her being with other people either."

Emily's betrayal was like a thorn in his heart. He could not even pull it out with his own hands. Moreover, after last time, Jack knew for sure that he didn't want to lose her. No matter what the cost, he had to have Emily.

Jack did not want to see her with someone else. He did not want to see her being intimate with someone else. He didn't want to see her hug and kiss with someone else... Just thinking about it made his head scream in excruciating pain!

No matter what, Emily belonged to him and only him!

Rose clearly saw the persistent light in Jack's eyes. She secretly clenched her fists with hatred, as her long and beautiful nails cut deeply into her palms.

Damn Emily! Even though she had already broken up with Jack, she still had him eating from the palm of her hands!





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