Saturday, 8 February 2020


Spoiled Girl

Episode 43

(Kiss Me)

As time went on, Emily paced around the apartment, while Jacob sat on the sofa in a calm manner.

Outside the apartment, Jack just woke up as well. Realizing that it was time for Emily to go to work, he knocked on the door and said, "Time to get up, Emily!"

Instead of responding to Jack, Emily stared at Jacob with a puzzled look, as if she was asking him for advice.

Unfortunately, much to her disappointment, Jacob answered with a helpless look, "I have no idea what to do."

Distressed, Emily wondered, 'How are either of us supposed to go to work today?' Emily grew more and more anxious as time went on. Unlike Jacob, who was the boss of the company, she did not have the luxury of sitting around at home. As an employee of the company, she was expected to be at work on time, or else her attendance bonus could be deducted.

But how could they go out while Jack was still at the doorway? Couldn't Jacob find some way? Emily walked back and forth, anxiously, lost in thoughts.

Seeing Emily's reaction, Jacob calmly suggested, "Maybe there's a way."

"How?" asked Emily, as she looked at him wistfully, like she was looking for a glimmer of hope.

In her mind, she didn't really care, just as long as Jack would leave her door.

With a hint of mischief in his eyes, Jacob smiled at Emily, "Kiss me, and I'll tell you."

"You..." Unable to come up with any reply, Emily got embarrassed, as her face turned red gradually.

"Otherwise, no way."

"You are being scampish."

Ignoring Emily's reluctance, Jacob remained indifferent as he replied, "Indeed, I don't have to worry about being late for work."

Emily hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to meet his demand. She gathered up the courage to walk towards him as if she was marching towards a heroic death.

Before Jacob even had the chance to react, Emily went up to him and gave him a kiss. Although it was a short kiss on his cheek, his heart skipped a beat when her soft lips touched his face like a feather.

It was as if his heart was being wound round and round with a charged wire.

"Hey." Having caught Jacob off guard, Emily pressed her lips and shook her hand in front of him, "Well, you said you'd help if I kissed you."

When Jacob came back to reality, he couldn't believe that he had lost all his senses to a simple kiss from Emily, "... You."

While Emily patted her cheeks with her hands, Jacob stood up to make a call.

"Jack, come to the company right now, " ordered Jac

y serious.

"Maybe they were caused by mosquitoes. Luckily, it's not a big deal." Emily didn't think about the matter anymore as she was worrying about another thing at that moment.

Following Emily's reaction, the group leader showed an "understanding" smile and asked with a cheeky look, "Then, do you need the Band-Aids now, Miss Bai?"

"No, it would be uncomfortable to cover the wounds with Band-Aids, but thank you anyway."

Noticing the seriousness in Emily's face, the group leader laughed out and said, "I'm sure several male employees had their hearts broken today, simultaneously, as they were staring at you and your marks the whole time you've been at the office. You know, most of them have a crush on you..."

Emily was more and more perplexed by her words. As a result, she just responded to her, perfunctorily, before returning to her office quickly.

When she got to her office, Emily became more anxious as she sat down and remembered Jacob's words in the morning.

"My intention? You don't know?"

"I intend on pursuing you, Emily."

The last line was even more scarier than the last time when Jacob said, "I want you to be my woman."

'Is he out of his mind? How could he tell me that he wants to pursue me?' Emily wondered.

Emily was having her breakfast, lost in thoughts, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.


"Come in, please."

Emily quickly wiped her hands before the door was pushed open by a female colleague, with a large bouquet of bright roses in her hands.

"Miss Bai, someone has sent you flowers, again, " said the female colleague with an ambiguous smile on her face.



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