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Spoiled Girl

Episode 42

(None Of My Business)

"Emily, are you okay?"

In the darkness, Emily could barely see a faint shadow, tall and slender, standing at the doorway of the bathroom. 

Without a conscious thought, she pulled down a towel to cover herself, and answered,"I'm okay."

"Okay." Jacob turned away without a moment's hesitation.

The thought of spending another second in the dark bathroom all by herself sent shivers down her spine as she implored,"Please wait for a moment, Jacob."

Jacob stopped in his tracks and walked back in an instant, as if he knew she was going to call him.

"I'm a little scared. Could you please wait for me at the doorway?

"But you've asked me to stay at least two meters away from the bathroom." Jacob replied in a calm voice, but with a hint of sarcasm,"So you want me to stand at the door, right?"

"Yeah." Acknowledging the fact that it was her request, Emily felt embarrassed, as her face turned red immediately. However, when she realized that Jacob wouldn't be able to see her in the dark, she felt relieved and added,"I want you to turn your back to me."

Jacob stood still at the doorway, silently. Not having received any responses, Emily called out again,"Jacob..."

Jacob had to turn his back to her. However, surrounded by the hot steam floating in the bathroom, as soon as he heard the sound of rushing water again, he started to get hot gradually.

'Emily, even without a conscious thought, somehow, you still manage to turn me on, ' Jacob thought to himself.

Tsk! Was it not true, that a man standing at the door of the bathroom waiting for a woman to take a shower, was similar to a hungry wolf waiting for the little sheep to wash itself, before eating it? Too much credulity was never a good thing.

"How are you, Emily?" Outside the door, Jack had heard Emily's shriek followed by the loud sound of the door being pushed open, which made him a little anxious as he mistakenly thought that she had fallen down,"Don't be afraid, Emily. Open the door and let me in..."

However, both Emily and Jacob ignored his "kindness" spontaneously.

Jack got tired of anxiously waiting outside, so he started to knock on the door, making a loud and muffled sound.

However, he had no idea that Emily had replaced the old door with a very expensive and sturdy one, after she had failed to find a new place to move to, fearing for her safety.

Therefore, despite his continuous knocking and banging, Jack still failed to get the door open.

Emily quickly washed off the foam on her body, as she had kept Jacob waiting outside the bathroom for her. Soon after she was done, she put on her clothes almost immediately.

Seeing the shadow

n her dream, she was in a big forest, when suddenly there appeared a big black snake. It was paralyzingly frightening, as no matter how much she tried to run away from it, the snake caught up to her all the time.

At last, when the big black snake finally caught up to her, it wrapped its long tail around her, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Emily struggled desperately, but in vain. In the end, the big black snake swallowed her little by little...

Suddenly, Emily woke up in a cold sweat, trembling. She gathered herself and sat up straight.

After relaxing for a few seconds, she suddenly realized that she was on the bed of her bedroom. "Why am I here..." questioned Emily in a confused manner.

She remembered sleeping on the sofa when she went to sleep. Sleepwalking? That couldn't have been the reason, as she knew that she was not a sleepwalker...

Or Jacob?

Emily immediately checked the clothes she was wearing. She was relieved to find that they were complete and untouched.

Fortunately, nothing happened between them last night. Emily rejoiced in her heart.

Emily's momentary relief was cut shorter when she turned to look at the clock,"Oh, no! I'm late!"

She rushed out of the bedroom and ran towards the bathroom for a wash. After she got out of the bathroom, she saw Jacob sitting in the living room, ready in his formal clothes. Instead of saying anything, she quickly ran to the door and looked outside through the peephole.

Jack had really spent the night at her doorway, and he was still there.

Baffled, Emily was at a loss for words, as she didn't know how to let herself, as well as Jacob out of the apartment. Would they have to stay in her apartment for the rest of the day? 'No, that is impossible, ' she thought.





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