Friday, 7 February 2020


Spoiled Girl

Episode 41

(It's Up To You)

Emily took more cream from the cake, and smeared it on Jacob's chiselled face without reservation. With his eyebrows covered in cream, Jacob looked like Santa Claus.

Jacob could not see his face, but he could tell from Emily's reaction that he looked very funny. He twitched the corners of his mouth and wiped the cream off his face,"You should try it too."

Before Emily could catch his meaning, Jacob smeared Emily's face with all the cream on his hand, and then drew a white moustache on her face.

Emily unwittingly licked the cream off. It was so sweet that she squinted her eyes. The next second, she attacked Jacob again with some more cream.

A grown man and woman playing with cake as if they were children fighting in snow. it was a strange scene indeed. Exhausted, by the time they stopped, they already had cream all over their bodies.

While Jacob went to the bathroom to clean himself, Emily walked gently towards the door, quietly looked through the peephole, and saw Jack still sitting outside, holding a cake with a pathetic look on his face.

It was nearly nine o'clock. Why was he still there? Did he plan on staying there for the rest of the night? Emily was glad that she and Jacob didn't make too much noise a while ago...

But if Jack intended to stay outside the whole night, Jacob would not be able to leave Emily's apartment.

Emily lowered her head and paced back and forth, lost in thoughts. When she turned around again, she bumped into Jacob's firm chest.

Jacob took advantage of the opportunity to hold Emily in his arms but made sure to let go off her quickly in case she was upset about such intimacy. He then asked gently,"What's wrong?"

"Jack is still out there..." Emily whispered.

"He might stay there for the rest of the night, waiting for you to show your sympathy and to open the door for him."

"No way!" Emily said firmly,"I will not open the door for him."

Moreover, Jacob was at her apartment; if she'd have opened the door, it would like setting off two bombs at the same time. She could not let that happen!

"So do you want me to leave, or stay for the night?" Jacob raised his eyebrow slightly and threw the question at Emily.

Emily was caught in a dilemma. She struggled with her thoughts for a while and then said,"You can stay here tonight, as long as

provingly looked at the old-fashioned pyjamas, and finally put them on to stop Emily's nagging. Surprisingly, he didn't look bad, even though it was not his size.

Emily looked at Jacob while he was wearing pyjamas, and said to herself, 'He looks fascinating even in old people's pyjamas. With his perfectly toned figure, I dare say the pyjamas didn't seem old-fashioned at all. I'll even buy it if you tell me that's couture of some famous designer.'

Emily sighed and felt a little envious, 'He really is a blessed man with a perfect figure and strikingly good-looks.'

Since Jacob hadn't been misbehaving, Emily felt it safe to go and take a shower after stressing the agreement she had made with Jacob, countless times.

Meanwhile, Jack, who was still outside, did not know what was happening inside. He got tired of waiting for a long time and had come up with an evil plan.

Jack knew that Emily was afraid of the dark, especially in closed spaces. He decided to turn off the device supplying electricity to Emily's room, so that Emily would get frightened and come running to him for help.

Jack was satisfied with his clever plan. He turned off the device outside Emily's apartment, and heard a scream come from the inside within seconds.


Emily was still in the bathroom taking a shower; her body covered with foam, when suddenly darkness had surrounded her, causing her to scream in fear.

However, before she could even think of what to do next, someone had suddenly pushed the bathroom door open, causing a loud sound.



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