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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 40

Spoiled Girl

Episode 40

(Are You Hungry For My Kiss)

Emily decided to pick the bowl with lesser noodles in it. Jacob, however, cast a meaningful glance at her; clearly he wanted to warn Emily—"I cooked the noodles specially for you. How dare you refuse to eat them?"

Emily wussed out, "I will finish them off."

Jacob did not say anything else, instead, he just stared at Emily and waited for her to eat the noodles.

Emily took the chopsticks and stirred the noodles in the bowl to psych herself up. She picked up some noodles and slurped them up. Much to her surprise, they tasted tender and smooth without feeling overcooked, leaving a hint of freshness in her mouth.

"It's delicious!" Emily praised from the bottom of her heart. She never thought that Jacob's noodles would be so tasty!

A contented look came over Jacob's face. A hint of pleasure, unnoticed by Emily, flashed across his face. But just when he was about to say something, he noticed Emily suddenly put down the chopsticks.

"How much will you charge for the noodles? Or are they free?"

Emily stopped to ask this, because she remembered that Jacob had asked her for 100, 000 dollars when he drove her home the other night. Considering that, she assumed that a bowl of noodles made by Jacob would presumably be more costly.

Jacob understood what she had meant. He decided to tease her and jested on purpose, "I can offer you a discount. 98, 000 dollars will be enough."

Emily almost dropped the bowl on the floor. How expensive the noodles were!

Jacob chuckled and tapped his index finger on the table, "It's a joke."

"It's not funny, " Emily snorted, when she realized that she had been fooled by Jacob, and continued to slurp the noodles without worry.

Meanwhile, Jack was still sitting outside the door, with the cake box in his arms. His stomach was starting to growl when he smelled the fragrance of short-rib stew from outside the door. Jack waited, hoping that Emily would open the door and invite him in for dinner.

He waited until it got dark, but the door to Emily's home did not open.

Jack felt disappointed, but he was unwilling to accept it. He stood up and knocked at the door again, "Emily, Emily..."

When Emily heard Jack knocking, she had already finished eating noodles. Jack's voice drove her mad, "Why won't he just leave?"

Jacob, on the other hand, seemed

of "following the proper order".

"Well. I see, " Jacob said, as he licked the cream off from the tip of his finger. "You are right. It was very sweet, " He remarked seriously but with a charming smile.

Seeing what Jacob was doing, Emily was taken aback for a second, "You...You are..."

'You are licking the cream you just rubbed off my lips!' Emily cried in her mind.

'It turned out that Jacob was not pedantic about personal hygiene!'

Fortunately, Jacob didn't make any other surprising moves. He kept everything within reasonable distance. Relieved, Emily cut a piece of cake for Jacob.

Jacob pouted his lips, "I don't like desserts."

He was already satisfied with the little bit of cream he had just tasted.

"It's not just a piece of cake. It's luck, " Emily tried to forget about what just happened and pushed the cake towards Jacob.

Jacob finally picked up a fork and took a small bite out of the cake. Emily could not guess what he was thinking, as he had no expression on his face after having the cake.

Emily looked at his face again and decided to have some fun. She took some cream and smeared it on Jacob's good-looking face.

Jacob paused and stared directly at Emily's eyes in a weird-out look.

Emily instantly regretted it, fearing that Jacob might get angry. But when she tried to wipe the cream off of his face, she got unexpectedly smeared by cream as well.

Emily was speechless.

'I can't believe Jacob smeared me with cream! What should I do?

I know! I will do the same thing to him, again!'





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