Thursday, 6 February 2020

"Spoiled Girl" Episode 39

Spoiled Girl

Episode 39

(Please, Don't Leave)

"You, you, you... don't talk nonsense!"

Emily was about to put her hand over Jacob's mouth again.

Jacob couldn't help but chuckle, "Do you feel guilty?"


"Then why did you stutter?"

Deep down Emily knew that she did not want to get in an argument about this issue. "You know that it is inappropriate for you to be here. Why did you still come here..."

"You don't know why I am here?"

The corners of Jacob's dark eyes deepened as he glared at her face. He asked inquisitively, "Well?"

Suddenly, Emily's facial expression stiffened. Even after their previous confrontation, Jacob still wanted to...

Court her?

What was it about her personality that attracted people like him to her? If someone could tell her, she would gladly change it!

Emily was afraid that Jacob would say something she would not be able to accept, so she quickly changed the topic. "What a coincidence! You and Jack came here almost at the same time... Wait a moment!"

Surprisingly, it took a long time before she finally realized something was wrong and asked, "How did you get in? !"

Completely disregarding the shocked expression on Emily's face, Jacob answered casually, "With the key you hid under the flower pot near the door."

Who would have imagined that Jack would show up soon after Jacob got there? Didn't Emily get her point through to him? If Jacob didn't care about Emily's feelings, he would have already gone out and kicked Jack out!

Emily choked upon hearing Jacob's answer. Astounded, she asked, "... How did you know about that?"

Emily always kept a spare key under the flower pot near the door, in case she ever lost her keys. To the best of her knowledge, only she knew about the spare key. She didn't expect that Jacob would find it so easily... Just the thought of it sent shivers down her spine!

"Then...when are you leaving?"

Suddenly, Jacob's face frowned painfully. He didn't go through all the trouble of getting in, just so she could drive him away so easily.

"Jack is still outside. Are you sure you want me to go out at this moment?"

Instead of waiting for Emily's response, he proceeded towards the door and pretended to leave.

Surprised and unsure of what to do, without putting much thought into it, she hugged him from behind and cried out, "Don't leave!"

Jack heard Emily from the outside a

ant me to carry you out of here?"

Emily immediately turned around and disappeared within seconds. She believed Jacob was undoubtedly capable of doing that.

She rummaged through the medical kit and found the ointment. After rubbing it on her wound, she ran to the kitchen and watched as the man chopped the green onion skillfully. She was totally amazed.

Jacob noticed her sparkling eyes, but did not say anything. He continued to pour the pork ribs soup into the soup pot, and then changed the pot, pouring the water into the soup and adding oil. After it was ready, he added the noodles.

It looked like that Jacob knew what he was doing. It was hard to believe that people like Jacob still cooked for themselves.

Although Emily was watching him with all seriousness, every movement of this man seemed to be pleasing to the eye. It was a little more refreshing than his usual disinterested look. Even the energy around his whole body seemed to have softened.

Emily was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to eat food prepared by the president of the Gu Consortium. How lucky she was! Who knew whether it tasted good or not...

If it didn't taste good, would Emily have to pretend to like it, in order to spare his feelings?

Jacob wasn't aware of the complex debate that was going on in Emily's mind. When the food was ready, he put the two bowls filled with noodles on the table.

Emily looked at the two bowls of ribs noodles curiously. It was obvious that there were more ribs in her bowl than Jacob's. She exclaimed, "I can't have so much."



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