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"Spoiled Girl" Episode 37

Spoiled Girl

Episode 37

(No Time Like The Present)

Sam saw the name "Jacob Gu" on the package, so he picked it up. Sure enough, he saw a letter "E" on the mail. He knew who it was from, without a doubt.

"This is Mr. Jacob's parcel. Why did you not hand it in?"

Seeing the seriousness in Sam's face, the receptionist became cautious. "Mr. Jacob has a lot of admirers who send him gifts and packages here every now and then. You are the one who told us to deal with them as we saw it."

Sam remembered that he did say those words in accordance to Jacob's instructions. He coughed to conceal his embarrassment. "In the future, remember to report me first when there are new parcels."

"Yes, Mr. Sam."

Sam brought the parcel directly to the president's office. He presented it to Jacob as if he were presenting a treasure,"Mr. Jacob, here is your parcel."

Jacob didn't even lift his eyes to look at him. "I said that I don't want to see those unidentified parcels."

"But this one might be from Miss Emily."

"Her?" The pen in Jacob's hand stopped moving. He raised his eyes to look at Sam,"Let me see."

Sam handed the parcel to Jacob, keeping in mind not to tell him that it was just picked up from the trash. "Mr. Jacob, the thugs who had harassed Miss Emily have been taken to the police station."

"Then let them spend the rest of their lives in prison."

"As for Rose, we have not found any relevant evidence at this moment to charge her with."

"Keep eyes on her."

"Yes." Sam nodded and walked out of the room.

As soon as he left, Jacob opened the package carefully. It was a new blazer. The blazer was fashionable and black in colour, and it was from a low-end brand.

Generally speaking, Jacob, who was a loyal customer of couture, would never look at this brand, but since this was from Emily, it was very special to him.

Jacob took off his couture and put on the new coat. It fitted his perfect body very well. It was comfortable to wear and the high quality of the fabric was visibly evident.

However, he was still annoyed at Emily for what she had said the other day. The fact that they had not spoken in a long time, made him even more unhappy.

But since Emily had sued for peace fi

id not have to be Emily.

Emily looked at him for a few seconds and sat down, skeptically. Then she pointed at the back of Jacob. "The tag is still hanging from your blazer."

No wonder there were many people peeking at Jacob, on the way there. They must have been amused.

"Tag?" Jacob finally remembered. When he opened the parcel and took out the blazer, he wore it straight away. He totally forgot about the tag! So he had the tag with him all day?!

The key point was that no one had the courage to tell him.

Emily then laughed again. "My cousin was like you when he was a little child. He always liked new clothes. Every time he'd get new clothes, he'd be so excited to show off that he'd changed into it immediately without taking off the tag ..."

'Was Jacob the same?'

Immediately, Emily shook off the idea from her mind. How could it be possible? Emily did not notice Jacob's shock for a moment.

"Help me get rid of it."

Emily looked around for a knife, but she couldn't find any. She couldn't break the thread with her bare hands so she bit the tag off.

Jacob felt that her warm breath was like soft feathers, gently rubbing his neck, itching, tingling and tickling his senses.

This feeling, however, only lasted for a few seconds.

"All right."

Emily quickly removed the tag and threw it into the trash bin. When Jacob turned around, Emily's eyes met his deep and dark eyes, like they were calling out to her.


  1. Please author this stories are skipping go through them and you would understand what I mean.interesting and suspense filled . more ink to your biro

  2. This Emily self she can make somebody laugh



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