Sunday, 2 February 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode30

💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 30

Julie POV

What were you thinking Julie, .did I just try to give him my virginity.

I know he is going to start seeing me as a whore ..jeez have messed up big time

I couldn't sleep all through the night thoughts of everything clouded my head

I wonder what Romeo is thinking right now..

I managed to sleep that night


I woke up the next morning and did my work in a hurry after serving his meal

Am gonna avoid him through out the day

After setting up the dinner I raced upstairs to my room only to bump into Romeo

I wanted to avoid him and enter my room but he held me back

"Listen Julie I...." He wanted to say but I cut him short

"Save it Romeo excuse me I have to do something in my room" i said and ran into my room before shutting the door

Steve called me afterwards ,he had asked for me to meet up with him

He said has something to say to me,I wonder what it was.

I quickly changed into something comfortable before leaving the house 

To avoid much questions 

I arrived at downtown buggers yeah that's where he had asked me to meet him
It didn't take me much time to sight him

I waved him and walked up to him.

Steve POV

Thank goodness she made it, I miss her face so much even if it's just two days

" Hey Steve good morning" she said seating down

" Morning babe how was your night" I asked

"Hmm my night was complicated,how was yours" she said with a smile

"It was cool I slept off thinking about you,why was your night complicated" I asked

"Trust me Steve you won't understand" she answered

"If you say so,I missed you tho" I smiled out dimple

"Oh really? You said you wanted to discuss something with me ?", She said looking at him

This is my chance I dare not waste it.

"Julie I don't know how to say this but ever since have met you,have always liked you and adore light up my world ..I can't help but fall for you.

I love you Julie " I said

"Wait!! What??





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