Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Season 2

Episode 62

Romeo POV

Finally the meeting was scheduled for 10 today , and this is 8:30 

I need to get dressed asap am not known for late coming.

I ate my breakfast quickly and gulp down my Expresso coffee before going back upstairs ..

I having a shower I was clad in grey Armani suit , today am not gonna gel my hair

I must say it's quite lengthy from before, I wore my wrist watch with real diamonds tinted around it.

I race to my car and drove outta the mansion to the office

**"" "" "***

At the office,,

I didn't go straight to the conference room . I just sat down in my office and try fixing some files before the the meeting will commence .

I won't want  the last time event to repeat itself , I won't be joked with today so am just gonna be at my office , they can send my secretary to me when they're set.

Not too long my secretary walked into my office hastily

"Sir the investors are waiting at the conference room " she said quickly

" Good  go bring the  KPI files when you coming" I said and walked away

Julie POV

Me and mom drove straight to the company , I must comment it's extremely big and successful too

Somehow I felt restless , I don't know why am feeling this way.

Immediately we stepped into the office , the secretary quickly took us to the conference room but the boss in question was not on seat.

They secretary rushed to his office , 

We waited patiently for him but he was yet to show soon 

His arrival was announced by the secretary 
He everyone in the board meeting stood up for him including me and my mom but my eyes were glued to the ground 

We all sat down ,, then he spoke up 

I almost fainted when I heard that voice

I raised my head slowly to confirm if he was the one

Felt like jumping outta my skin when I saw his forever cute face he didn't change one bit

Tears gathered up in my eyes as I remembered all the fun moment with him.

"Romie* I whisper audibly

He frozed immediately in suprise , our eyes met as we locked eyes

His eyes were also teary 



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