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Six Days With A Bad Girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 51

Romeo's POV

We arrived hours later at Manhattan safely

I drove straight to my mansion with Julie , am sure mom would have known by now that am in town

Throughout the entire ride Juliet had been awfully quiet

"Are you okay babe" I asked as I used my hand to rock her fingers

"Yeah I am fine I just miss my mom" she murmured

I felt for her but she is yet to tell me what really happened between she and her mom maybe I can be of help

"Wanna talk about it dear" I asked 

She nodded negatively

"Okay love take your time " I said and focused on driving.

We arrived at my house a short while ,the butler had taken our luggages upstairs 

I specifically requested he put it in the same room

I don't wanna be apart from Julie one bit
Am gonna try my best to always keep her happy

" Go take a shower baby while I ask the maids to prepare something for you" I said the moment we got into the room

"No I wanna shower with you today" she said shyly

I was forced to laugh at her shyness

"So this was what's on your mind and you were pretending,you such a drama queen" I teased as she punched me playfully

I ran around the room as she chased me with her sandal 

I got tired and collapse on the bed she did the same as we were was breathing heavily 

"Enough play let's go and have a shower now before we start to stink" she said 

She stood up and started undressing infront of me 

My body went hot instantly but I had to control myself

She was half naked now while I stood there feeding on her body with my eyes.

"Are you going to undress or you wanna seat there and keep drooling over my body" she said with a grin

"Ttch!!! You wish " I said with an eye roll and started pulling my clothes too.

We were using the jacuzzi tub first as I laid in it while she was untop of me

We stayed in that position for a while 

I groaned as I felt my hardness press against her tummy

She chuckled nervously

We ended up making love in the tub and also under the shower

I must say it was wonderful



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