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💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 50

Romeo POV

We woke up in the morning in each other's arms

I had not told her what happened at the office I don't want her to get worried for anything which is why I have decided we go back to Manhattan tomorrow.

I don't care if I loose all of my possession as long as she is here with me am contempt

I pecked her forehead before freeing myself

She poutS in her sleep

I left the room to mine and have a quick bathe before changing my clothes

I went to kitchen with my phone wanna cook something for her , I just need to follow the recipe which I had downloaded in my phone.

I set to work immediately ,I turned on the cooker and set a clean cooking pot on it,

I went through the recipe and brought out the ingredients needed for the dish

"Good morning chef" I heard Julie's voice from behind she was standing at the door post with folded arms

"Morning my love how was your night ,I trust you slept well" I said and winked

She blushed Abit before coming closer

"Of course I did , because I slept close to the man of my dreams" she said shyly

"Oh this man of your dreams must be luckily" I teased and concentrated in what I was doing

She sneaked her arms around my waist and rested her head on my chest

"What are doing babe" she asked still in that position

"Spaghetti meat ball with tomato sauce" I said and turned around only for my face to be inch apart from hers
I kissed her deeply before carrying her off the ground and dropped her on the kitchen cabinet 

I kissed her again and rocked her thighs with my arms 

She nibble on my buttom lip and bit em playfully

I kissed her non stop, it was like she was more of an addiction I just can't get enough of her.

"Baby you food" she broke the kiss and shouted

I ran to the burner and quickly turned it off 

She burst into laughter as I was struggling to serve my dish

We ate breakfast in a comfortable silence   and did other fun stuffs 

I took her to the trouble maker park one last time before we leave Europe

Julie POV

The day to leave finally came, I can't believe how have come to love this place in a short while 

I remembered Steve and let out a silent sob as I walked into the private jet with romie I made sure he doesn't notice my tears

We were now inside the jet as o kept looking out the window 

Thought of mom came rushing ,I remembered the first time I had boarded a plane with my mom

I was so scared that she had to hold my hand to calm me down.
But she is not here today

I miss her so so much ,I pray she forgives me soon but for now am going to stay away
I felt a very warm hand on my palm it was Romeo he had a smile on his face which made my heart melt.





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