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💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 49

Julie POV

He carried me outta the pull without saying anything

He dropped me on the bed and took a towel which he used to dry my body
I guess he is made at me.

He wanted to walk away but I held him back

"Am sorry romie I was just devastated" I mumbled

"You want to commit suicide and leave alone, do you ever think I will be able to leave without you huh" he barked at me

"Am sorry please forgive me ,I saw the news earlier, I felt guilty about everything " I cried this made his looks softened as he hugged me to himself

"Ssh baby it's gonna be fine soon you don't have to blame yourself for anything the press are to be blamed for spreading such rumors" he assured me

I nodded like a child and cry the more.

" Please don't do that again,don't scare me like that only God knows what would have happened to me if I had lost you" he said and kissed my forehead

He made me lay down properly and went to his room to change into something comfortable
He came back looking refresh with a cup of tea in his hand just what I needed at the moment 

"Drink up it will keep you warm" he said and pick up the cup ,he sipped a little bit before bringing it to my mouth

I took a mouthful before swallowing

"We will be leaving for Manhattan in two days time,it's high time we go back home" he said while I nodded like a child

"Thanks" I murmured

"It's okay baby come here" he said And made me rest on him.

He kissed me and I responded

The kiss got so intense as he planted kisses all over my body
Because I wasn't wearing any clothes just the towel

He sucked on my tits as I moaned softly

My body was so hot ,I was longing for his touch

I trail my hand around his waist line as he groaned

He pulled it Down revealing his hardness 

He thrust into me gently as I moaned out loud ,it wasn't as painful as my first time



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