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💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 47

Julie POV 💗

I was discharged the next morning , Romeo paid the bills and took me home but I still sad about everything.a bandage was placed on the injury on my head

I sat down on couch watching TV when the news channel popped up, it was a news about what happened last night

This is not an ordinary news channel it's a worldwide news channel so everyone will be watching all around the country

I gasps on seeing the terrible things that was said about romeo all because of me 

Hot tears roll down my cheeks, this news is going to cause alot damage to his business

God what have I done? I lamented as I slumped to the ground and cried my eyes out.

Ever since I was born have been a bad luck to everyone

I think it will be best I go away for now I don't want to cause anymore damage 

Jeffery POV 😋

I was in my office sorting out some files when my secretary rushed in

"Sir you need to turn on your TV set " she said hastily

"Calm down what's going on" I asked confused

"I don't know how to say it but you have to see things for yourself " she said and turned on the TV

What I saw shocked me to the bone

It was a coverage from last night and some pictures ,so many terrible things were said about me and Julie.

Why are the press this heartless ? 

I swear if I get hold of that lady am going to do the unthinkable

Almost immediately different calls from my company shareholders

They all want to pull out their shares from my company 

"Sir Mr Mark just called he wants to withdraw his shares from the company what do we do sir"she blurted out

"It's okay thanks Gaya you can go back to your office" I mumbled 

My head was throbbing ,.
I hope Julie didn't see all of this or she is going to be devastated

I was so confused I didn't know where to start from I tried assuring them things are under control but that didn't solve the problem

The boards just set an urgent meeting ,I wonder what they also want to say

I walked hastily to the conference room on the second floor 
I took the elevator to second floor.

I arrived at the conference room a short while but they all have been seated all ready..

"Good day Mr Romeo have a seat " Mr Mark said he is one of my biggest investors

I sat with crossed fingers.

"I know you must be wondering why he called an urgent meeting?" He said as they murmured to themselves

I couldn't say anything so I just nod

"Let's cut the chase shall we ??" Alecjandro said

"Am sorry Mr Romeo but we can award you the contract which you had come to England for you no longer fits for a multi billion contract and also my shares will be withdrawn" mr mark said.

I felt uneasy as the situation was seriously tight for me

Since Mr Mark is out it's remaining alecjandro he has the biggest shares in my company if he pulls out 

"Why are you a doing this? Don't believe whatever the press are saying it's not true " I defended

My company is definitely going to fall.

"I will not pull my shares yet but on one condition" he said making my heart skip a beat



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