Monday, 10 February 2020


Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 45

Romeo's POV

"What's the meaning of this madam" I growled at her.

"Oh spare me that" she barked

I held on to Julie's hand tightly not letting go

"Ma'am it will be best you leave this place right now or am gonna call the security" I said furiously

"Why are you protecting someone who isn't your girlfriend but today am going to expose this cheap slut infront of everyone" she said confidently

"I beg your pardon ma'am " I roared

Julie stood there with an expressionless face,I know she will break down any moment that's why I need to get her outta here

"You took my son away from me and you think you will be able to live free?" She blurted out

The press had begun to murmur and ask irrelevant questions

"Madam please for the love of God she didn't kill your son ,we all know he was engaged in an accident so why all this scandal" I fired at her.
I'm trying not to loose my temper at this lady.

Julie wiggle her hand free and ran out of the crowd in tears 

"Julie wait up " I yelled and ran after her.

But she didn't stop ,she ran non stop towards the high way.

"Julie please stop let's talk about this" I shout after her.

"Just leave me alone" she growled and kept running

Suddenly a truck on high speed was coming from the left

"Julie look out!!!" Before I could finish , she truck had run her over

Julie!!!!" I yelled and ran into the road 

I picked her off the ground with blood stain all over her body and ran with so much speed to my car

I drove like a mad man to the private hospital close back

I didn't bother packing my car I just carried her in my arms and ran into the hospital

She was seriously bleeding on the head.

"Doctor!!!! Nurse!!" I yelled on top of my voice

They all came running to me.

One of the nurses came with a stretcher and took Julie away from me

Insisted on going into the emergency room with them.

But they had refused telling me to calm down.

How can I calm down when the one I love is in there struggling with her life.

I boiled in anger when I remembered that lady.

I raced outside the hospital to my car and drove straight to the hall.

Luckily that witch was still there telling the press all sort of lies.

I ran to their middle and dragged her out.

"Listen her old woman I don't care about what you said to the world tonight but I swear if anything happens to my Juliet ,I will send you six feet to your son" I growled at her making her flinch back in fear.

I ran my fingers through my hair and walked hastily to my car and drove back to the hospital.



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