Sunday, 9 February 2020


Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 43

Romeo's POV

It's a black Thursday and am gonna be attending a royal gala with Julie

I had gone shopping and Got her a very expensive dress
Actually it's latest update on the fashion line.

I arrived home few minutes to the gala 

Juliet was watching TV when I had arrived

"Hey dear " I said and sat close to her

"Hey welcome back" she said with a gloomy face

"You look down are you still thinking about it" I asked as I faced palmed her

She nodded negatively

"Okay dear go get ready we attending a royal gala tonight here put this on it will surely look good on you"  I said and handed her the package 

"Okay thanks"she said and collected it from me.

I peeked her forehead and walked away towards my room I also need to get prepared too.

Julie POV 

Romeo is the definition of perfect boyfriend since the incident of Steve  he never failed to keep me happy

He made sure I lacked nothing ,he always take me to the trouble maker park ever since he found out it was my favorite place to be.

That park holds memories of Steve and I.

After the relaxing shower I dried my body and hair with a towel before picking 
My underwear

A black strapless bra and a black Victoria secret pant.i applied lotion on my skin  
And also applied hair treatment to my hair.
 I brought out the dress he had bought 

A woow excaped my mouth
This dress is worth someone generation feeding

It was a strapless straight gown which had an opening from the thigh down to my sexy legs 
I packed my hair in a neat bun with some strands left out

I looked like a queen in it .romie really has eyes for good things

I picked out a silver stilettos and silver clutch too to go with it.

I walked out elegantly only to meet the hazel eyes of romie staring at me.

He looked dangerously handsome ,in his Armani grey suit and a black leather shoes

"You beautiful Julie ,I feel like kissing the life outta you" he said in a husky voice

I blushed heavily

"You don't look bad either" I said with a small smile

"Shall we ? Milady " he said and took my hand in his as we walked outside to the porche car



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