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Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 41

Romeo POV

Julie and I are both having fun playing PS5 never knew she was too good

"Just admit am the pro of PS" she said proudly

I rolled my eyes at her

"Oh yes I get it ! Pro amateur" I said sarcastically 

"Admit it dufface" she stuck her tongue at me

A call interrupted our moments it was a call for Julie

Immediately she picked up the call,  her facial expressions changed 

She gasps as the phone slip off her hand

"No no it can't be" she said with a shaky voice as she tears gathered up in her eyes

"What's wrong dear , what did the caller say" I asked with concern as she embraced me tightly

"Steve was involved in an accident, his body wasn't found yet just his cell phone and my number was the last dial before the incident" she shuttered

"Jesus Christ ,that's so sad dear" i said and comforted her

Even tho I don't like that Steve guy ,I won't wish him bad he doesn't deserve this

"Calm down dear it's gonna be okay ,i know he is gonna be found soon" i said and helped her to the couch

Maurice POV

Steve I warned you about all of this now see what it has caused me .

Mom is in shock and traumatized by the news

Steve and I were the only ones mom had after the death of my dad.

Steve went to hell to provide for us 

He made sure we never lacked anything

Life wasn't that easy for us then but God knows best 

As Steve got a contractor job due to his amazing skills and knowledge 

That was how he started till he made it on his own ..

He was my best friend and everything till that Juliet girl Came into the picture

Her love poisoned him so much that he couldn't think of anything else but her..

Juliet I promise to avenge my brothers death even if it's the last thing I do ..

You will suffer for this for the rest of your life..

It's a lifetime promise ..

"This is for you steve" I yelled out tears



  2. Argggh bt it is nt julie fault nah

  3. Maurice are you kidding 😏😏is it her fault and what's wrong with this one 😏

  4. Maurice the past and the present has nothing in stop being a dick head and continue from were brother steve stop in the family......for your information,steve is the past here and romeo and juliet are the future stop behaving like a trash of breackable gabage, and think of better thing to do with ur fucking frecking life...your brother caused his death by loving another man's wife...

    Brought To You By #Mhizgolden



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