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💗 Six Days With A Bad Girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 39

Julie POV

I woke you up the next morning feeling pains all over my thighs

Romie was no where to be found .

A smile curved on my lips as I think about last night

It was indeed a night to remember.

The door cracked open , romie walked in shirtless ,he was holding a tray of beacon and scrambled eggs with coffee at the side 

Hmm yummy

"Good morning kitty" he said seductively

"Morning " i murmured

"How are you feeling now" he asked with  concern as he examined my body

"Hey calm down am fine,,hmm breakfast in bed" i said licking my lips

"I thought you might be hungry once you wake up,cause last night was something else" he said 

My cheek was flushed already

"Shut up silly", I groaned

"Stop acting like you didn't enjoy every bit of it" he winked 

I was forced to hit his head

"Ouch what was that for " he pouts

"For being such a silly child" I said like a mom

I wanted to eat but he took the spoon and fed me instead

I felt special,all my dreams are coming to pass

When he was done feeding me 
He kissed my forehead and took the dishes away

He came back shortly and carried me I. Bridal style without my permission

"Hey put me down " i groaned

" Nope do your worst miss Julie" he said

I try to bite him but he didn't show any signs of hurt

"Is that all you got ??", He asked proudly

" No not at all ,,I will erm..." I stammered

"You will what ! Kiss me ?" He smirked and took me to the bathroom

" Shut up you pervert" i spanked his hand

He dropped me in the jacuzzi tub after mixing it up for me.

"Thanks you can leave now " i said but he didn't even answer me

Took the sponge and started scrubbing my body

" But I can do it myself " i whinned 

He chuckled and continued with the scrubbing

" Quit whining like a kitten baby" he smirked


  1. i love this changes in you guys....

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This una love cor strong pass palmi again oh....but i really miss the old JULIET oh...but you guys should also know that STEVE is not yet ready to back off, bcox the truth of the matter is that JULIET was stonly from STEV by ROMEO.....

    Brought To You By Bellacruz/Mhizgolden/Edithpounds.



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