Wednesday, 5 February 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode 36

Six Days With A Bad Girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 36

Julie POV

I don't know if it was a dream but Romeo actually whispered something to me about making things right 

I wonder what he meant by that, either way am so happy we finally getting along

I was in my room going through my phone when a knock disrupt my thoughts

"Come in the door isn't locked" i said

The door cracked open revealing Romeo looking dangerously handsome in his tuxedo 

Swears I was drooling

"Get dressed kitten wanna show you something" he said like a gentleman

Woow did he just call me kitten?? Oh my God am gonna explode

"Where are we going to?" I asked

"It's a surprise just get dressed quickly , remember dress to kill dear" he said and left my room

I did a victory dance to the closet,I picked a peach strapless gown which had an opening from the thigh down to my leg

And a black matching undies.

Today am gonna wear stilettos  ,I think it's time I bring down my hair  

I always pack it up because it's extremely lengthy

I was dressed up few minutes later,

Left my room and catwalk downstairs only to meet Romeo waiting for me at the stairs entrance

A woow excaped his mouth as he used his eyes to devour my body

Romeo POV


I never knew she was this breathtaking

"Let's go kitten'" i said and took her hand leading her outside

I collected the car keys from my driver, wanna drive today

I opened the door for her which she smiled and entered

I drove straight to fragrance spicy restaurant

I had bought the whole restaurant for a day just to go on a date with Julie

I parked my car properly before stepping down from my car ,I rushed to the other side and opened it for her

I led her inside the restaurant and located our special table

It was decorated with rose petals and a candle too

It look so much like a perfect date

She gasps on seeing the place

"Woow romie did you do this?" She asked feeling extremely happy

"Yes dear let's go and have a seat" i said and took her hand and led her to a seat 

She sat grinning from ear to ear

"I know it's not like those fairy tale love stories but I brought you here on a date because I owe it to you" I said 

"What are you talking about romie" she asked obviously confused

"I know have been ignorant about my love for you and acted foolishly because I was scared of love ,but that's gonna change today ,, Because I truly loved you.." i said calmly

"You...what..?!" She choked on her words

I smiled and took her hand across the table

"I love you Julie I really do" i said





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