Tuesday, 4 February 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode 34

Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 34

Romeo POV

I felt bad, I shouldn't have talked to Steve like that 

He was only a friend of Julie I was just being possessive

I better go and apologize to them before going out..

I changed my clothes to something suitable before leaving my room

I decided to take the stairs only to meet Juliet kissing that scarecrow comfortably

I felt my heart burn when I saw them ,

Julie stopped the kiss only for her to see me standing  by the stairs 

She looked shocked while that fool had a smirk on 

I walked out on them to avoid any drama


Even at the office I could hardly concentrate the image of Julie kissing that guy kept popping up

The thought of it made me surge in anger

I left my office in anger I headed to the club and drank a lot of alcohol

I was so intoxicated but I managed to get home with the help of a taxi driver 

I didn't bother to take my car ,,

I kicked the front door but I got no response I kicked it the second time

Julie opened up and I fell on her

Julie POV

Romeo had been gone for hours and he is yet to come back I couldn't help to worry about him.

Someone banged the door, I rushed to it only for Romeo to fall on me .

He was blabbing about something

Holy shit he is drunk !! but but Romeo doesn't drink alcohol

I helped him to the couch ,he held on to my arm tightly

"What have I done to you Julie huh?? Why can't you see just how much I love you " he murmured


Did he just say he loves me ??

"What are you talking about Romeo ! You drunk just don't say anything*  I said

"It's the truth Julie have always been in love with you even when I act all cranky but you fail to realize just how deeply have fallen for you" he muttered

 With his eyes shot

Okay what's going on with this guys??





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