Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode 33

Six Days with a bad girl 

Written by Feathers 

Episode 33

Julie POV

Romeo crossed the line for trying to insult my guest ,

I have Every right to move with anyone I want 

"Am so sorry Steve ,Romeo can be cranky at times" I said to Steve

He only smiled

"It's okay dear, am used to cranky guys already" he said which made me laugh

"Hmm what would you like to take " I asked

"Nothing much fruit juice will be okay for now" he said 

I stood up and headed to the kitchen ,I came back shortly with two glass of orange juice

I gave him a glass while I took the other one..

He started a conversation about Netflix movies

He calmed he had watched Netflix movies more than me  

That's not true , Netflix is like my second favorite thing

"Steve that's a lie have watch so many Netflix thriller movie plus horror movies than you,you probably still a learner" I smirked

"Says who Julie ,girls don't watch Netflix ,they end up having nightmares afterwards" he said and burst out laughing after mimicking how girls react when they watch horror movies

Steve POV

"Says who Julie,girls don't watch Netflix,they end up having nightmares afterwards" i said and burst out laughing after mimicking how girls react when they watch horror movies

I stood up and kept mimicking them, when I caught a glimpse of  Romeo coming down , I decided to put my plan into action

I drew Julie close and crashed my lips on hers

She widened her eyes in shock

Romeo stood there watching with an expressionless face

Julie eventually struggled free only for her eyes to meet with that of his blazing eyes

I smirked evilly, he didn't say anything instead he walked away 

"What was that for Steve?" Julie growled

"Am really sorry Julie I just couldn't control myself anymore, I love you so much" I said 

"You know what just go ,we gonna talk later I need to clear my head " she said and walked out on me even when I was calling her name



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