Saturday, 1 February 2020

"Six Days With A Bad Girl" Episode 28

💗 Six Days with a bad girl 💗

Written by Feathers 

Episode 28

Julie POV

Is this happening right now? Romeo is actually kissing me 

I opened up and kissed him back as I rapped my arm around his neck

I don't want it to shop ever again, if this is a dream I don't wanna wake up

He broke the kiss minutes later and looked away shyly

"Am sorry'" he said and raced upstairs bto to his room

I stood transfixed to the ground I don't know if I should be happy he kiss or sad because of its just a mere kiss .

Romeo will never love me no matter how much I try

I touch my lips which is now swollen from the kiss and smiled to myself

That was my first kiss ,am happy I gave it to the one I love

I wish the kiss never stops . But why did he say sorry ,or is he regretting kissing me

How is he gonna see me now after this.

Who am I kidding it's just a kiss

My phone rang disrupting my thoughts it was Steve

Steve POV

I can't sleep the only thing I think of the only thing in my head is Juliet

She had been the only thing on my mind as nothing else matters when am with her

I miss her smile

Better I call her to relief my boredom

I dialed her which she picked up after the second ring

📞Hey angel what's up"I said

📞 Nothing much just tired and hungry too",;she said yawning

📞Ouch dear please stop stressing yourself dear,you are more important to me than work"i said and smiled sheepishly

 📞Hmm smiles okay wanna go to bed talk tomorrow dear", she said

📞 Alright princess sleep tight remember I love you" I say

📞Huh what did you say?",she asked

📞 Hmm nothing good night I said and hang up

Ptweew that was a close one





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