Friday, 14 February 2020


One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 37

Jeffery POV

I woke in the morning with a terrible hang over ,I could barely open my eyes 

I remembered everything that happened last night. I think Scarlett was the one that brought me home.

Haven't drank that much before ,

Was trying to adjust to the bright lights in the room when someone walked in

It was Scarlett she was holding a tea cup 

"Good morning brother" she greeted with an expressionless face

"Morning " I murmured

"Here is your expresso coffee take it while it's still hot it will help relieve the hang over" she said and handed me a cup of coffee

"How is she ?" I managed to say

"She is fine but doesn't remember anything,she thinks we are her family all thanks to you she is stuck in that condition" she said angrily

"I......Am... sorry " I blurted out for the first time in my life
She looked at me in suprise but was quick to wipe it off 

",You owe her an apology not me" she scoffs and walked away

Damnit i feel so terrible about everything ,.

After taking my coffee ,I was feeling much better soon I took a quick shower and change into some shorts and t-shirts

I gave my manager a call ,he should be able to handle the company cause I won't be able to come over for the next few days.

I nee to see Anna 

Rihanna POV

I kept acting like a child in order for them to buy my lie.

During breakfast I made everyone laugh as I stucked two french fries into my nostril

I so glad I could make everyone happy except punk king
He didn't show up for breakfast I guess he still sleeping judging from the way he looked last night.

I never knew he would go that far just because he thinks he had hurt me .

I was seating down on the couch in my room playing candy crush with my phone I pouts like a baby each time I loose a level 

Jeff walked into the room in shorts that was the first time I was seeing him that way.

I almost drooled but I was quick to play along

"Brother !!" I squeak and jumped into his arms more like a hug 

He holding me tightly like I was gonna vanish

"Am sorry" he whispered into my ear 

I almost shouted in suprise  ,punk king actually apologized to me , I need to record this day .

"Why are you sorry brother ?, Where did you go to huh I was looking all over for you ,you left me alone with that aunty that loves bulling" I said innocently

"Am so sorry dear ,I promise to make this right again " he said calmly still holding on to me.

Did just call me dear ,woow this supper interesting

"Why are you saying sorry brother or are you planning to leave me alone again ?" I pouts 

"Never my baby I won't ever leave trust me , it's my fault you are in this condition am sorry" he said like he was about to cry 

His words melted deep into my heart 

"Are you crying brother??  " I cooed 

But before he could reply Tanya walked in on us and she saw Jeff holding on to me tenderly

"What's going on here" she groaned



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