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"One Night With A Billionaire" Episode 20

One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 

         Episode 20

Rihanna POV

Good riddance ..that peacock thinks he can insult me whenever he feels like and get away with it.

Am not scared of him one bit

Thanks to his mom that helped me put him in his place atleast he wont be bothering me for a long time 

"It's okay my dear,Jeff is just being childish he will come around soon" she assured me.

'" i hope" I said so or am gonna take Vicky's idea and deal with him in Anna's way

"I want you to go shopping with Scarlett later .I want you to change the interiors of the living room to something unique can I trust you on that?" She asked

"Yes ma'am you have nothing to worry about " I said

"You such a sweet girl I wonder why Jeff failed to see this" Scarlett said coming from the kitchen area

"You brother is suffering from mental display, am sorry to say ma'am" I said

They both burst into laughter

"You are crazy Anna come let's get on with the shopping spree" Scarlett said waving her credit card..


Shopping was fun with Scarlett ,she literally bought the whole store 

I had to stop her from buying anything again

We came home afterwards and I set to work immediately 

I started from.chancing a the cushions and neckroll

I changed the flower vase to  a scripture of sea shells and a fake mermaid

"What do you think you doing " I heard someone say

"What does it look like am doing Jeff" i answered nonchalantly

"Oh you have now grown wings that you calling me by my name " he groaned

"And what's so special about it , please if you don't mind I need to finish up my work thank you" i said and continued with what I was doing

"Who is she baby ? Is she the new cleaner" the voice said

I looked up to see a familiar face but I can't remember where have seen her..

Her eyes widened once she saw me,it looks like she knows me

"She is no one important dear" Jeff said

"Point of correction mr and Mrs grumpy am not a cleaner so get on with it and stay off my path" i said in between clenched teeth

"How dare you disrespect me in my own house " he roared as he tried to hit me but I caught his hand mid way

"Am sorry Mr grumpy but you have no right to hit me or order me around " i said with venom running through my vein

'" you will pay for this,let's go upstairs babe " he said and took that witch with him

Something about that girl doesn't feel right

I don't know where but I think have seen her before 

"Think Anna think " i groaned





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