Monday, 3 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 16

😏One night with a Billionaire boy 😏

         Episode 16

Jeffery POV

I was so tired after typing I stood up and walked towards the garden area

I need some fresh air I was about taking the back door when I bumped into that scarecrow

"You??" I grabbed her hand

"Yes me now let go of me" she hissed

"How dare you step your feet into my house, are you on a death note?" I groaned

"Last time I checked you ain't the only one leaving in this house " she scoffs

I dragged her towards the living room

"What the heck are you doing in my house for the last time'" i barked at her

"FYI I'm your mom's assistant in case you don't know so let go of me right now'" she smirked

I burst out laughing

"So since you couldn't get me you decided to skim your way through to my mom huh,if you know what's good for you better leave here this instance" I shouted

"And why should I ?? You are not my employer and I don't get to take orders from a proud peacock" she said with an eye roll

"You little....

"Stop it son ,you don't treat my employee like that" mom yelled at me

"Mom you making a big mistake, this girl is a cunny snake ,she as greedy as a squirrel" I said in between clenched teeth

"Enough Mr arrogant I won't have you insult me like that, FYI I'm here to stay you better deal with that " she said angrily

"You heard her son now leave her alone" mom said as she stood up and walked away

"For real?? You commoners have your ways in sneaking into rich people's lives right??, Am warning you for the last time leave while you still can or else you would regret it" I barked at her

"I would love to see you try mr,mind you ,you can't sack me because you ain't my employer now if you would excuse me have got work to do Tah Tah" she winked and walked away

Argh  am so gonna kill that bitch,i know she has a motive for coming here

I most expose her true colors to my family no matter what it takes

She just stepped into the lion den 

I will surely make life a living hell for her 

Since I can't sack her 

Seriously mom is making a big mistake,that girl is like a green snake under the green grass





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