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One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 27

Rihanna POV

I woke up the next morning feeling better I guess the drugs I took worked perfectly

After taking my bathe I came out shortly dressed in my previous clothes I need to go home and change

The family were having breakfast

"Good morning ma'am"I greeted Mrs Martinez

"Ahh my dear how are you feeling today" she asked with concern

"Morning Anna how is your leg" Scarlett chip in.

"Have a seat my dear your breakfast has served" Mrs Martinez said gesturing me to a chair opposite Jeff.

Mr grumpy was unusually silent today .
He avoided eye contact with me.
Well I don't care 

"Fine ma I wanna go home now " I said

"Hmm very well then let me get someone to drop you off" she said but the unexpected happened

"I will go and drop her" Jeff and Scarlett blurted out the same time

"Huh?? I asked to be sure I heard well

"Let me go and drop her " they said again.

"Jeff why the sudden change of heart" his mom asked with a raised eyebrow

"It's nothing mom I just felt like dropping her today " he said
I just sat there watching them argue over me.

"No I will drop her , it's not as if you have ever cared about her" Scarlett said with an eye roll

"Whatever I insist on dropping her " me grumpy said coldlyy.
I watched from brother to sister 

This is fun

"Why? What changed ? And how am I sure you ain't planning to kidnap her" Scarlett said with a mocking scoff

"Oh my days I want do that I just want to be generous for the day ,is that too much to ask" he mumbled

"Hello am still here  so stop arguing over me" I blurted out

"No we're taking you home" they chorus

"Don't worry I can find my way home" I said and stood up, I try to walk but I almost fell 

fortunately I was caught on time by Mr grumpy
 how he got to me was something I don't know
We kept staring at each other not breaking contact.his face was inch apart from mine.

I could hear my heartbeat racing fast against my chest

"When you guys are done smooching Jeff take her home" his mom said with a wink

"What the heck!!" I yelled and push him off me before composing myself

Ptweew" he rolled his eyes

"Can we go now ? " He muttered and walked ahead of me while I trailed behind



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