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😏One night with a Billionaire Bad boy 😏

         Episode 24

Rihanna POV

Work has been going smoothly

Mr grumpy has not crossed my  path ,

But seriously speaking I miss his tantrums it's like music to my ears 😄

Mr and Mrs grumpy seating on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G

Anna you are crazy.

Mrs Martinez had asked me to supervise the work at the new mini PQ they built

I was standing outside not far from the work place playing Candy crush with my phone when Mr grumpy drove into the compound

He was on call tho ,he looked at me through his glass shade and look elsewhere

She stood not far from the entrance ,

I could tell the car was important because he had that angry face on ,.

Suddenly the glass wall of the house cracked the next thing it was falling towards mr grumpy direction

I tried to get his attention but he was too engrossed in his phone call to hear me out.

" Watch out!!

Ran and pushed him outta the way 

We fell on the group with me on top

The glass broke into tiny piece and some of it pierced my foot

The look on his face  tells me he is in shock

He quickly wipe it off and pushed me off him 

"What the heck!! How dare you touch me" he yelled at me

Is this nigga for real I just  saved his ass

"Is that your THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY ASS"  i said sarcastically

"Did I beg you to save me? How am I sure you didn't plan it just to gain favor from me " he said with a scoff

Seriously this guy has mental issues

I stood and ignored him.

I limped into the mansion to get my wound treated

That guy is really ungrateful

Jeffery POV

I don't even know what to think any longer

She saved me from getting injured even after all have done to her.

No it must be one of her plans to get me to pity her.

I trailed after her, without she knowing.

She walked into the bathroom downstairs ,she closed the door well

I stayed at a corner and watched her tend to her wounded foot .

I must admit she is the prettiest girl have seen but I doubt if her heart is also pretty

She nursed her wound and was nagging too

What kind of human being talks to his or herself

"Mr grumpy is really mad, I can't believe I saved his ass only to be greeted with a bucket of insult now look at my foot,. how do I get home now . grandma will be mad at me if she sees my foot like this" she lamented

I chuckled inwardly

She is crazy,.all this is making me feel guilty

I quickly called David

📞 Hello boss we are about demolishing the building now " he said over the phone

📞 No don't do anything ,just stop the work and get your workers outta there ASAP" i said sternly

📞 No buts ,leave that place now or consider your job gone " i said coldly and ended the call

Should I thank her for saving me ?





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