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One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 26

 Rihanna POV

So Mr grumpy doesn't know how to say sorry huh? Too bad am going to force outta him.

"Say it quickly before I change my mind" i said nonchalantly

"Okay that does it am never gonna say sorry to this commoner ever " he roared an raced upstairs

Ouch that sort of hurt my feelings Abit
It hurts each time he calls me a commoner.

"It's okay Anna just ignore him " Mrs Martinez said

"Oh no it's fine, excuse me I have to call my grandma and tell her I won't be coming home tonight" i said and stood up  gently before walking into the guest room downstairs

I called granny and told her I won't be coming home for the night ,.she told me she was cool with it that I can stay as I long as I want.

My family is seriously crazy ,,

Someone knocked on the door 

"Come in the door isn't locked" i mumbled and placed my leg on the stool close to the bed.

The door cracked open revealing a maid holding a tray of food.

"Good evening ma'am, miss Scarlett asked me to bring this to you" she said and dropped it on the luxurious table and bow 

"Oh common you don't have to do all the respect thingie  am human just like you" i said

"Sorry ma am just following sir Jeffery's orders" she bow

"Please stop it ,my name is Rihanna what about you dear" i asked with a smile

"Diane  ma" she stammered

"You still don't get it do you ??" I said sadly

"Okay am sorry Rihanna "she shuttered

"It's nothing dear ,I like you so much can we be friends ?" I asked eagerly

"I don't know ma sorry I mean Rihanna we are not allowed to associate with the guests of the house" she said with I head down

"Hmmm it's okay don't be scared I don't bite" i said 


The girl is really fun to be ,and pretty too 

She kept me company for hours before leaving me alone

She had green eyes just my mom.

Somehow when I looked at her , I saw my mom in her.

This brought so many memories of my mom as tears roll down my cheeks

I curled up in a corner and cried as I thought about my parents

Jeffery's POV

I feel restless like someone is calling out to me somehow but I don't know who it was

I tried concentrating on my presentation but still I wasn't okay.

Eventually I gave up and left my room, I need to go for a walk in the garden

I took the elevator downstairs to the main living room

The lights were out ,,I wanted to take the back stairs when I heard sniffing like someone was crying

I traced the sniffing sound to the guest room downstairs ,I peep through the open door

Behold it was Rihanna ,she was curled up at a corner and crying too

My heart aches seeing those tears.

I felt bad ,,it took all my will to control myself from entering the room and cuddling her 

Telling her everything is going to be okay.

Hell no who am I kidding ,,that's my worst enemy





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