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One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 30

Jeffery POV

Today's meeting was so tiring ,all I needed at the moment was something chill and a warm bath too

I arrived at the mansion late everywhere seem quiet Abit.

I dragged my lazy feet into the house only to bump into someone , it was Rihanna 

"Can't you watch where you are going" I groaned but instead of her to start shouting at me she did the most shocking thing of the year

"Welcome home Jeff ,you look tired is there something I can get you" she said with a beautiful smile which I had not noticed before

I couldn't think properly ,I was shocked to the bone ,

She took my tuxedo suit and my briefcase upstairs to my room
I just trail after her like a puppy

She placed them properly at the closet then set a bath for me just the way I want it.

Okay that's it am fed up

I grabbed hold of her hand and slammed her to the wall 

"Why are you doing this Rihanna what's your plan this time,is this one of your skims to get me ?" I growled at her

"Am doing this for anyone sake or  for anything ,all this while that have known you ,you failed to understand my true intentions , you misjudged me Everytime ,even for the fact that you tried to ruin me and my family I still try to be nice to you because that's my nature" she said as her eyes went teary

I felt weak and guilty ,my entire body heat up like it's gonna blow 

"I ...I...", I stammered I was lost of words as my head was pounding ,I don't even know what to believe anymore

I left her alone and walked into the bathroom, 

Rihanna POV

I know why my body always heat up whenever he is close to me ,I feel different and a tingling feeling in my stomach 

I saw the look of hurt in his eyes when I poured out my heart but doesn't wanna let me in.

Maybe I like him because I know what to call this feeling

I left the mansion without informing mrs Martinez and headed home.

The taxi driver had dropped just three blocks from my house, I stepped out and paid my bill
I started walking towards my apartment when I saw someone familiar.

It was Tanya she was trying to sneak into one of the houses here.
I hid behind a spoiled car and watched as she walked into the house suspiciously

I knew there was something strange about that girl but I just can't place it.

I will have to find out myself.

I marked the block number and left for my house .





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