Friday, 7 February 2020


😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 23

Tasha POV

"Mom there is a problem " i said taking my seat

"What is it my baby" she asked eating grape

"It's flora's daughter she has been a torn on my flesh if care is not taken she is going to be a problem for us" I said angrily

"Never she is too small ,I waste her just like her family ,.what do I do to make you happy now" she said patting my back

"Good question mom lets try to eliminate Jeff and put the blame on her so she can get kicked out of the house" i smirked

"Nice one dear so what's the plan "she asked 

"Don't worry mom I have just the perfect plan , Rihanna won't see this coming" I grinned wickedly 

"I won't have that insect get in the way of my revenge" mum mumbled

Jeffery POV

That clumsy fool think she has won right? 

She even try to disgrace me in front of mum huh ,no worries am just getting started

Tasha left my house angrily because of that snake.

I picked up my phone and called my contractor

📞David bring down the whole place first time tomorrow morning " i commanded

📞 Consider it done boss"he said 

As i hung up, Rihanna Adams let's see how you excape this one.

Even mom won't be able to save you from me.

I strolled towards mom's room ,she was watching TV

"Erm mom can I talk to you for a while" I asked standing by the door

"Yeah sure come in" she said not sparing me a glance.

"Am sorry about what happened earlier just that I don't get why you don't like Tasha, mom she is a very good girl " i reasoned

"Really Jeff? A good girl?? Someone that doesn't respect your mother or anyone a good girl ,Ttch such a cliche" she said with a scoff

"Okay am sorry on her behalf mom , please just give us your blessings am planning on settling down with her soon " I said

"You are free Mr Man but just know I would never give my consent to your so called wedding ,the day you get married to that slut just know you have lost a mother too, 

"Now if you will excuse me am busy use the door young man" she barked at me

"But mom"I try to say but she cut me off

"Good day Jeff" she said and focus on her mom

I gave up tryin and left her room


  1. Look Tasha

    Mother and daughter bitch your plan Will failed

  2. Hmmmmmm tasha and her so called mum should be careful and dont hurt our Anna



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