Sunday, 2 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 14

😏One night with a Billionaire boy 😏

         Episode 14

Scarlett POV

Have found a friend in her already.

We talked about some stuff in car before I dropped her off ,I must say she is a very nice girl 

I wonder why my brother doesn't see that.

After dropping her I went home to update mom on everything.

"Mom she is thinking about it but I know for sure she is gonna say yes for the sake of her family" i said to mom

"I just pray they don't end up tearing each other apart" mum said laughing

"We have to bring the both of them together no matter what mom Jeff has to fall for her ,she is a very nice girl " i said picking up a grape from the glass table

"I pray so too" she said

Rihanna POV

That Scarlett is a really good person ,I wish her brother was more like her ..

Have thought about it,and I think it's a good idea for family to finally step up alittle

The highest I could do is to avoid him ,then that way we won't get to be a torn on each other flesh

I picked up my phone and dialed the number she gave me

She picked up the call after ringing for a while

📞 good morning ,Scarlett Martinez on the line" she said from the other side of phone

📞yeah morning, It's Rihanna Adams " i said as I bit my finger that's what I do when am nervous

📞Oh Rihanna what's with you ,how are you and your family" she said sweetly

📞They are fine thank you,.erm about your offer, I have thought about it" i said

📞 Okay good so what's your answer dear" she replied

📞My mind is made up and of accepted to work at your House" i mumbled

📞Like seriously am so happy am gonna be seeing you every day thanks dear" she cooed

📞You don't have to thank me ,I should be the one doing that, you saved me and my family from total disray what more could I ask from you" I said 

📞Hmm it's nothing,so when are you resuming?" She asked

📞 It's not as if am doing anything at home,so am gonna resume tomorrow morning" i concluded

📞Woow great send me your account details and gonna send your first pay to you now" she said

📞But have not started working yet" I chuckled

📞 It doesn't matter dear, talk later am kinda in a middle of something" she said and hang up

I felt relieved,,now I can actually talk to Grandma  about everything that has happened.





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