Wednesday, 5 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 19

One Night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 19

Unknown POV

"How is the plan going Tasha" I asked and light up my cigarette

" It's going smoothly ,I just have to get Jeffery to sign those properties paper " she said with a corny smile

" I trust you dear make sure he doesn't suppect anything, remember you supposed to be acting like a rich kid too" I smirked

" You  got that right,he is too stupid to see the hand writing on the wall.i will make sure he transfer all his property to me " she grinned like the devil she is 

Jeffery POV

I took the elevator downstairs to the dinner area only to meet my worst enemy seated with my mom

"Mom I won't have snake dine with me " i groaned

She stuck out her tongue at me making me even angry

" Bitch state your worth ,just name your price am gonna give you,so you can leave my family alone" i said still standing

" I'm priceless mr arrogant, even if you sell the whole world am still priceless get that into your tiny skull" she said and continued with what she was doing for my mom

"Did you see that mother ? She is not who you think she is" i shouted

"Talking like you any  better " she murmured 

I wanted to hit her when mom interfere

"Okay that's enough both of you,have had just enough nagging for two days ,,even pregnant women done nag this either you  adapt to the fact that Anna is my assistant and stop harassing her or prepare to dig my grave" mom growled at us making me calm Abit

"Really mom? You know what am outta here suit your self"I said and walked away angrily.

I left for the office without taking breakfast

At the office Tasha called that she was around

Am so happy she is around missed her so much ,it's been a while since I got laid

"Hey babe" she said as she opened the door

" Gush have missed you so much my girl" i said as she sat on my lap

"I missed you too dear, I missed everything about you especially the way you handled me, that's why I came back" she said licking her lips

She wasted no time in kissing,I responded immediately as I kissed her aggressively

She slide down my gray suit as she fondle with my hair


I bent her over my desk and thrust into her deeply

I thrust in and out of with speed as her moan filled the whole place

"Yeah baby am cumin am cumin" she said in a moan but I don't want her to cum yet am just gonna tease her a bit

I used the tip of my beast to tease her p***y entrance

She shivered as I did that 

I made her seat on my d**k in cowgirl style she rocked my shaft with her p**y I groaned in pleasure as I spanked her butt harder

He f***ked a few times for I reached climax

Her honey pot had become so red due to the way I had thrust into her

"That's for starving me for all this while" i said and winked at her

She smirked and wore her clothes

I did the same too,I really love Tasha .she make sure to give it to me anyhow and anywhere I want it.

I want to get married to her but mom is against it and I don't know why.

Tasha is nice girl she is pretty and also from a rich family too

"Am coming with you to the house today" she said

I just nodded



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