Thursday, 27 February 2020


😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 64💘

Unknown POV

" Ma'am it is done what should we do with her " dracco asked

"Hmm that's a good question how about we sell her to madam Anastasia the owner of the biggest brothel she should be able to use her if you know what I mean" I said and drank my latte

" Okay boss I will contact her immediately" dracco said and walked away

Maybe it's not a bad idea if a multi billionaire daughter become a hooker yeah !!! 

I burst into a evilly laugh

Rihanna POV

I regained consciousness gradually but I couldn't move my body and my vision was still blurry
I could hear faint sobs in my head ,
Finally my vision cleared up and I realized 
I was handcuffed to a king sized bed in a very fancy room alongside some cute looking girls who I haven't met before.

They all looked pale and fragile ,they also crying too,
Where the hell am I ??

"Where are we ??" I asked the other girls but they didn't even spare me a glance talk more answering

"Finally the sleeping beauty is awake" a lady with too many facials said and walked outta the shadow

" Who are you and what do you want from me?" I asked angrily

"Hush hush dear don't worry baby you are in a play worst than hell, a brothel actually" she said nonchalantly

" What the heck ???? Why did you bring me here " I yelled

" That's for me to know and you to find out but since you are being feisty ,well you were sold to me by one of my best customer she told her you gonna be very good on bed ,so baby girl get dressed a big time customer is coming and he paid heavily so don't disappoint" she said and dropped some sluty looking clothes beside me

"You got to be kidding me Missy I will never be a hooker so you better let me go and asked for a refund" I said without fear.

" Hmm feisty ,that's what every girl sold to me said but after putting them in a dark room and locking the up for three days I end breaking the fighting spirit in them .you are no exemption sweetie" she said and blow me a kiss

" Comply with your new master or you gonna regret every bit of it" she added and walked away

This is seriously not happening no no ,I can never be a hooker no matter what
I need to think of a way to get outta this place soon

"You can't escape from them ,the will be bend you to their will just like they did to us" one of the girls said like she red my mind.

I can't never in my entire life become a hooker ,. everyone must be worried sick about me now.,...




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