Tuesday, 4 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 17

One night With A Billionaire Boy 

         Episode 17

Scarlett POV

"Mom you don't mean it!!" I said in curiously

"Yes my dear,that girl is really wonderful you need to see how she put your brother in his place,i laughed so hard when she did that'" mom said 

I couldn't contain my laughter ,can't start to imagine the look on his face

" Mom this is hilarious" I said

" Let's just seat back and enjoy the show Scarlett" mom said reading a magazine

I did a victory dance to  the mini living room

Rihanna must be there waiting for me, .

I met Jeff on the way he had the angry expression I need no one to tell me what went wrong.

"Thank goodness I met you here Scarlett, are you aware of the girl mom hired?" Jeffery said

"Yes I do what's wrong with that " I asked

"Wait don't tell me you are support of that girl working here,that's the same bitch I had issues with ,that common thief" he said in between clenched teeth

"Brother what has this girl done to you,for crying out loud the girl in question is very wonderful person, I don't know why you fail to see how beautiful hearted she is " I reasoned with him 

"Seriously?? Scarlett even you ? , So she has finally brain washed you too !, Oh common that girl is a pretender and a liar, am sure she planned her through just to be in this house just because of her selfish desires" he scoffs

"Enough brother ,just stop it please leave the innocent girl alone ,.the day you realize the damage you have done to her,I pray it's not too late .. excuse me brother I have something to do " i said angrily and walked away

What I said really left him speechless 

Rihanna is a selfless person I need no prophet to tell me that 

The sooner Jeffery retraced his steps the better .

I pray he realize his mistake soon , if possible get married to her ,..

Jeff spoiled my mood I don't think I can talk to anyone right now.

Would make sure I support Anna and his family in any way I can

I turned back and headed towards my room

I just need to relax my head ,..

Jeffery is just so impossible



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