Thursday, 6 February 2020

"One Night With A Billionaire Boy" Episode 22

😏One Night With A Billionaire Boy 😏

         Episode 22

Rihanna POV

Work in the Martinez mansion has been great 

Scarlett didn't fail to treat me like family even her mom wasn't left out.

The girl with Jeff kept me wondering

She looked so familiar yet I can't remember her

Whatever I shouldn't bother myself with minor issue like Jeff and his bitchy girlfriend..

"Good morning ma'am" i greeted once I got to the dinner area

"Good morning my beautiful princess come and seat close to me" she said gesturing to the chair beside her

"Good morning mother and you too Anna" Scarlett said taking her seat 

"Morning Scarlett how was your night" I said with a smile and sat beside Mrs Martinez

It wasn't up to two minutes when Mr and Mrs grumpy showed up for breakfast

Mrs Martinez smiling face dropped to that of frowning when she them

"Good morning mother," Jeff greeted taking a chair out for his girlfriend

"Morning brother" Scarlett greeted but he ignored her

"What's the meaning of this Jeff" his mom said obviously angry

'meaning of what mom" he said less concerned of the fact that Mrs grumpy couldn't greet

"Why did you bring her  to my house Jeff I thought I told you to stop going about with this slut " Mrs Martinez groaned

"Mom you embarrassing me , stop calling my girl a slut, she is better than some people who hide their character and act all saint just to get money from you", he scoffs looking at me

I need no prophet to tell me who he is referring to

"Oh spare me that sermon , this girl is bad news she can't even greet such a characterless girl" Mrs Martinez 

"Baby I told you your mom hates me ,I don't know what have done for her to hate me so much.i should have come with you" she said faking tears.

Am not buying that shits, I know all this  is a act, 

If Mrs Martinez ain't careful she is going to cause a rift between mother and son

I must do something urge to stop it

"Mom I won't have you talk to my fiancee like that mom,are you okay babe" he said

I was forced to chuckle

"And what's so funny miss?" He asked with a raised eyebrow

"Nothing actually but Mrs grumpy ,,your facials are terrible ,you look like joker do yourself a favor and don't wear this around town so you don't scare all the animals away" I said with smirk

Scarlett was trying so hard to hold her laughter




  1. Lolzz 🤣 Rihanna you are too much

  2. Interesting
    This is getting hot.
    But so sad it is too short can you please make it a little bit longer.
    Thanks for the story
    Akanbi Esther

  3. Lol Rihanna your bad mouth no be here ooo

  4. Seriously, rihana is really making my day
    Thanks author



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